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  1. There are definately enough festivals at the current 6. I think a better idea would be to spread the current ones between the cities. The problem with that the theme of certain festivals would be hard to fit into Grove or Black Citadel. In my opinion, the two cities (currently in use) fit well as a location for festivals: - LA is one of the hubs, plenty of people spend a great deal of time there. - DR has a lounge, so it has a bunch of people visiting relatively often.
  2. They reference another dragon - Bubbles, someone else interested in dragons - inquest, aetherblade, or even Joon. All of that, we already expect. We might get surprised with a vessel for dragon magic, but that might be simply jade... We've had a bit of a chat with Tengu during DRMs, I don't think we'll see the Dominion though. I'm curious how will they bridge the gap in the current story and EoD. It's gonna be funny if it's just: Mai Trin pops up, says she's been tracking the same thing as Taimi, asks for help, off to Cantha we go.
  3. The dialogs after completing Return to... achivements is supposed to give us some hints. No major spoilers. We also don't have the exact release date yet, who knows what happens.
  4. I highly recommend picking up a hobby, playing piano in my free time. Also, the lower section is easier, at least for me, to play. Some people are using a kind of a ruler for the event, but it's really unnecessary.
  5. May I interest you in Firebrand for PvE? It's a very good option for dps or support. Scourge for Necromancer is very good in every mode, from PvE (raids, fractals), through (PvP) and WvW (in zerg).
  6. I love the game, but it's sad to see that the Core Tyria got somewhat abandoned. Multiple events are getting bugged and do not restart or even start properly. Orr was especially annoying, cuz those do not seem to have any timer tied to them...
  7. With Jade Sea being... well, jade, it might not happen. It is a shame, firebrand performs nice in underwater combat. My poor blue boy will have to settle on aquatic fractal fun from time to time.
  8. We don't know much about the Maw and the fractal itself. Dessa mentions that the jade was water in the past and that's basically it. Irukandji were a type of an enemy in GW Factions. They seem to be native to the region. The tentacle monsters we meet there might be something more like Chak in Maguuma, with Gerent being the big bad boss.
  9. About the catches. Just start double clicking them with your mouse. It worked on portals, traders and aviator boxes. It would work on this as well. Also, does any1 need food during meta events aside from the extra magic find?
  10. Outfits are a way around that for sure. There aren't many armor pieces revealing the abs. Foefire seems like one prepared for female character and someone suddently remembered that male characters exist. Oh well, you get what you get. There are many options to choose from to dress our toons. My guard has been wearing a literal t-shirt for past couple of months 😅
  11. Seeing the posts above, this might be a controversial opinion: I do like what we have seen so far. That being said, we haven't really seen that much. Based on the names alone we seem to cover a large area with this map. Meta seems dynamic enough to bring in some people, we don't know what are the exact events, so there's not much more to say about it. It feels a bit like HoT, but we should have expected this. The predictions were for some maps to have the HoT, some PoF feel. I guess Jade Sea would be more flat. I'm intrigued by the two portals, we've seen. Are they going for some
  12. Oh, this exactly what we need. Imagine Primeval armor as separate armor piece skins ❤️
  13. Thanks for the update. This is expected for changes to the legacy content. Take your time. This gives me a bit of free time to catch up on some titles in the OG GW ❤️
  14. There is a good reason for this one to exist. Some threads/posts are phrased in a way it's hard to undestand the author's goal. This way they get a reaction saying "where are you going with this?" or "what do you mean by that?". Throwing in a dozen of replies asking to rephrase would be way worse. Honestly cannot see anything wrong with reactions.
  15. Amulet did have that option with Transcendence. The new one (if it has an effect) would have a toggle as well. Problem was related to the stacking visiual effect of PvE trinkets.
  16. I didn't mind being stuck with that effect. This will make many people happy. I might even hide them from time to time since the option is there.
  17. Gen 1 pre, you can only craft once. Gen 2 pre, e.g. The Mechanism can be crafted multiple times and as mentioned above is account bound (cannot be sold). For a 2nd gen 1 pre, you would need to drop it, gamble for it in mystic toilet or buy it from tp.
  18. This is why I play humans and salads, those poor mounts deserve a break. I was considering moving to rats to save those poor things 😅
  19. I do agree, Coalescence requires ppl to complete some mechanic heavy encounters. If ppl refuse to learn them -> then complain about being kicked, WvW would be an easier alternative for everyone. Both are timegated (LD vs. tickets). Tickets can be farmed literally by fliping a camp every 10 minutes... That being said, there are raiding guilds which run trainings on those bosses. Mr OG, try those.
  20. If you want to craft multiple gen1 legendary weapons, I highly recommend doing it on other characters as well. There is no option to change your profession, so you would need to create another character anyways. I recommend keeping the old characters (if you have free slots), cuz they would give you birthday gifts for each year of their existance.
  21. I think you misunderstood the LFG ads: No Legendaries refers to the bosses in lab, not the gear you are using. People skip bosses, cuz they slow down the farm. You might see some groups asking to unequip some gear, probably to give everyone the level playfield?! No mounts is understandable, farm would go trhough lab tagging and killing mobs and doing some green doors. Having ppl rush through the lab is not particularly productive.
  22. The only reason to delay the expac would be if it was not ready for launch by Feb 2022. Anet mentioned the month couple of times already, we are following a still accurate roadmap, that ain't happening. Bringing up Saints Row and Dying Light releases here makes no sense at all. Those games are targetted at a different audiences, there's nothing wrong with liking both titles and GW2 simultaneously (that's not the whole demographic!). Are we worried about other MMORPGs? Who has time to play 2 of those aside from streamers and teenagers? Go live a little, meet some people, see a movie... a
  23. With legendary armory I no longer use the slots to send gear between characters, but I would be happy to get some more slots. The thing about the extra bag space is that you'll always find some use for it. I've maxed out shared slots, bank tabs and material storage and still see myself limited in some cases. I guess having to craft slightly more often is not necessarily a huge inconvenience. It'd be nice to have the caps moved higher with the future releases though.
  24. There are quite a few of QoL items in gem store. They won't however impact your ability to be competitive in the PvP or WvW modes. You might consider getting them, but you can buy gems with gold to do so. The good thing about GW2 is that the gear ceiling does not move with the new expansions (there might some new stat combos added, but you can swap stats for ascenended -> Mystic Forge and legendaries -> one of their functions). With ascenended gear dropping in fractals, raids and WvW (i hope i haven't missed any), gearing your character becomes less of a challenge. No need to spend
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