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  1. We weren't able to find any specific change that might have caused this, but I made some other minor adjustments to the event that I think fixed it. At least, in my testing, I was consistently getting multiple champions each run of the event, though it's not intended to scale as much as world boss/meta events.
  2. Succeeding at the event to defend or recapture the Zintl Holy Grounds will cause him to revive.
  3. I'm still investigating this. No changes were made specifically to these events, but it's possible that this is a side effect of other changes for other events.
  4. Unfortunately, "west of the waypoint" doesn't give me enough information. There are three different locations that he moves between, so knowing where he's standing (and what he says when you talk to him) would help me narrow down where it's breaking.
  5. Can you post a screenshot of his current screenshot? This is one of those bugs that we've never been able to reproduce.
  6. Is this by Refuge Peak Waypoint or outside the lodge at Belldron's Guardholme? What does he say when you talk to him?
  7. That's very baffling. In testing the other fix (where the escort event would end, but the golem fight would never start) QA and I ran though both events several times and never ran into this. I've looked through the event and I can't find any cases where this would happen. :(Subject S should reach the end of his escape route, say a line ("We have arrived! From this beach, we can set sail for Ember Bay!"), and complete the event. The security golem then appears in a last ditch effort prevent Subject S's escape.
  8. Note that the instance entry for Chapter 3 is by the Tomb of Primeval Kings in Desert Oasis, not Kourna. In Chapter 4, a portal to Jahai Bluffs becomes available, so the game is trying to be helpful and directing you to go through the Bluffs to get back to the Oasis, but it doesn't realize that you haven't unlocked the portal yet.
  9. Are you checking the "Crystal Desert Collectibles and Rewards" tab on Awakened Servant Toora?Have you obtained the "Spearmarshal's Plea" for the Crystal Oasis step of the Open Skies achievement?
  10. What events are running in the area? There are several interconnected events that need to be completed (and some succeeded) to get the Queen to spawn.
  11. You can activate your glider right after reaching the apex of the jump and glide over to the mushroom "ledge", but I checked with the designers on Bitterfrost Frontier and they're ok with adjusting the jump a bit so you land on the ledge without needing to glide.
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