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  1. mace + shield = 2 stuns, switch into hammer for 3s knockdown + knockback, get hit by burst move for another 3s stun, get bull charged for another 3s knockdown. that's 6 CC moves on warrior. One might be inclined to take stomp as well for another CC move as well as a stunbreak. now take rune of the mesmer and sigil of paralyze. Its a bit like getting comboed in street fighter
  2. My main problem with heavy armour is the lack of fully visored plate helmets without horns or spikes or wings
  3. id like to see some other racial bands that do other music genres. And not just the obvious ones like asurans doing synthwave. I mean like off the wall, subversive niche genres. I wanna see an asuran band that does british new wave, a norn band that does 2000s linkin park rock music, a human band that does rap...
  4. imo the damage and the abilities of the mobs are fine but the aggro range is not. There's really no gameplay reason to make open world traversal so annoying. I also think the mob density breaks immersion since the mob placement is a very archaic, 'place mobs equidistantly over this area' sort of design. I'd like to see Anet cluster mobs together in small nooks and crannies and make small territories for mobs, like a family of boars in a forest, or a couple of sand eels patrolling the dunes, rather than try to completely paint the map with aggro radii. It's not like these mobs are meant to be f
  5. seems like you have to sit down while the skiff is moving? was hoping to be able to walk on it while it moves, since that would be a sign of larger ships to come. god i need to quit this copium...
  6. do charr really own everything east of elona? https://i.pinimg.com/originals/18/ec/70/18ec702c1379f64b928473ac851ce680.jpg I don't know much about the lore of anything east of elona and can't find much about it so some source would be nice. Other than that all I know is that of the playable races, kryta elona and cantha are largely dominated by humans.
  7. https://eso-skillbook.com/skill/negate-magic This skill from ESO really helps with battlefield control, allowing players to support their allies by paving the way forward for them. I always wondered why this sort of thing never appeared in GW2? a great deal of complaints comes from how much AoE spam there is when the fighting gets thick. At this stage it's pretty impossible to remove them all, but it feels logical to have one or more skills designed around countering AoE spam. Obviously, this sort of thing would be broken in raids and boss fights, so there would need to
  8. Messing around with warrior, I've tried making builds that spam weakness, builds that spam adrenaline, builds built around maximising disables. It seems to me that none of these top the central theme of might is right/forceful greatsword. There are different flavours of this particular setup, like choosing to give might to allies over shout healing for example, but it seems so difficult to escape the need to take greatsword and the strength line. What do you guys have success with when playing warrior?
  9. Yeah i was kinda hoping for more than fishing platforms when they announced boats in GW2. I would have liked to actually sail between the continents via a specially made sea map. Possibly with some sort of cargo system in the game. Choose between faster airship travel with less cargo or slower sea travel with more cargo. I was hoping for some sort of sea combat as well. Maybe anet has something more planned but at this stage my dreams look like they'll continue to just be dreams.
  10. The reason for it has been stated a few times already. It's a common practice in old 3rd person games. take a look at the fable games, or jak and daxter, or ratchet and clank, and you'll see it all over the place. it's to help reduce the amount of camera banging on close surfaces. that being said, I find there's still plenty of realistically scaled streets in divinty's reach.
  11. here's what I'd do:symbol of stability on hammer 2, making it the only guard weapon with two symbolshammer 3 pulls enemies towards you in PvE only, stays the same in PvPhammer 4 can hit up to 3 opponentsring of warding no longer roots the caster This gives hammer much more attractive CC options. the extra symbol hopefully puts it on par with greatsword for dps over a long period of time, while greatsword is still best for bursting.
  12. I still think people are sleeping on logan. While I was fine with trahearne, his death would be cheapened by resurrecting him. Logan is a fairly similar character in terms of his ability to lead (trahearne was apprehensive at first but quickly proved to be just as capable). He also has great chemistry with rytlock. If there's any room for more bro moments in the story, its by using logan more.
  13. the problem is the perma symbol relies on constant auto, which isnt fun. I'd like to combo some skills together like I do with greatsword etc. but fact is the best thing to do in terms of both support and damage is to auto 90% of the time. it makes the sight of a breakbar actually exciting. It fares a bit better in pvp since you can throw people around a bit, but I wish it offered some built in stability somewhere so I could actually finish casts.
  14. I can see how 3-4 of you fighting at the same time with hammers in WvW can make you feel that the weapon is powerful. But that's a hollow feeling, like armwrestling a 7 year old and bragging about winning. There's a reason you don't see hammers in neither PvE nor PvP (aside from Scrappers). They are outdated. They didn't endure the power creep of PoF. Don't misunderstand, I solo roam with hammer very effectively. We all do. The weapon IS powerful when used properly in WvW. I know it isn't good in PvE and it's PvP application is debatable as well, but that's why I specifically said it was nich
  15. Stealth isnt inherently bad. imo most mechanics can be balanced. its just the implementation that needs constant adjustment. The problem here is that it seems like devs see stealth = survivability = thief class concept. In terms of possible balance paths, this is a sort of local maxima in which thief hard to catch but has a hard time killing. I'll admit, it's fun to flit around, teleport to and fro, stealth in and out, and be a nuisance. But an against it is a huge annoyance. A good fighting character design is both fun to play and play against. My proposal is that thief's class concept with
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