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  1. yea, how do you get permanent regeneration though.
  2. so for staff mirage, how do i keep alac uptime, i heard staff can get upto 80% alac? so what skill and boons i needed to get closer to that.
  3. i think RA is the best to start raiding. there are alot members there. and alot super exp raider/mentor/instructor who teach newbie on mechanics. everyday there are some training session for various bosses. youll just need join their discord channel.
  4. ok for HFB tank, is it mainly just spam aegis skill. i didn't find a good guide on how to tank as HB.
  5. i just want practice some tank either HFB or chrono tank. seem HFB is easier to pick up? but i mainly want to try tank on pof wings. sh/largo/q1 mat/pat
  6. go to RA, get some raid training from instructor, then practice. thats how i started. https://snowcrows.com/community/raid-training
  7. my main is thief, so i'm familiar with that class, but i heard the pistol build on meta is hard to play?
  8. so according to my daily pinata smashing achievement, i need smash 35. however, according to wiki and taco, there is only 33. how do i get the last 2 https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Dragon_Piñata
  9. been out of pvp for long time. whats a good easy learning curve pvp class these days.
  10. there are quite a few different tank build between snowcrow and lucky-noobs any recommendation for a beginner friendly build to learn chrono tank? what weapons/trait line etc gear minstrel ?
  11. is there a good recent q1 kite guide for thief? want to learn this also whats the best class for q1 kite? thief?
  12. is there a good guide on mesmer tank/support build?
  13. i heard there suppose a legendary template coming that allow switch legendary item easily between character? is this still true, anyone know the rough estimate date?
  14. any hb expert knows what are boon and heal combo for HB? i know there some certain key combo that grand bonus when used together, i just dont know what. i have axe/shield & staff, also have mace. also is virtue better than radiance for beginner?
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