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  1. I am sure there has been a number of treads for both nerfing and not nerfiing the Dragon's End meta, and I bet they all have great points. I just want to say I am pretty sick of failing it. The other EoD map metas, lots of fun, playing with everyone, doing all the things, emerging victorious. Most times you can join a map from LFG, even if you are not early, and most times win. That has not been my experience with Dragons End. I have beat it 4 times so far since launch, but I am probably looking at 1:4 win/loss ratio. Just today, failed twice, wasting 4+ hours of my day. Not gonna li
  2. Why wasn't Jormag's Claw Fragment added as a drop to Dragonstorm or Defeat the Claw of Jormag (Drizzlewood Coast). Both of these events are perfectetly themed to add this item drop to. This item has too rare a drop rate (and consequently a high trading post cost) considering its only use is to unlock a collect worth 5 achievement points. This item was added to the Defeat the Claw of Jormag (Frostgorge Sound) in 2014, and still after 7 years of doing this event I still haven't unlocked it. I feel like this collection unlock would have been better used as a vendor purchase instead of an ultr
  3. Shouldn't crafting Heroic Dragonblood and Stellar weapons count for the Vision collection? I mean if I am being forced to craft some weapons, why wouldn't the ascended version count? I would rather craft ascended version weapons if it costs the same amount of map currency. I know the material cost would be higher since its ascended mats, but why cant we have the choice?
  4. I thought treasure hunting kits were supposed to have been "fixed" to show the next closest buried treasure. Seems that is not what the fix was. It was to reveal only the treasure if it happened to be a little farther away from where you are standing. I had been saving some to do a treasure hunt. Sadly, I was still having to trek to opposite ends of the map for each one (not fun). I had one in front of the Tomb of Primeval Kings, next was north of Derelict Delve waypoint, then next was back in front of the Tomb of Primeval Kings in almost exactly in the same spot (not fun). My dotted lin
  5. Still broken. My 4th attempt in as many weeks just disconnected, just after telling Joko I needed his army, but not him
  6. Don't forget that BL chests went from 3 drops, to 2 drops. They replaced the 3rd drop with a seasonal container drop ...... guaranteed to not be anything you want.
  7. I beg to differ...I have a chest recipe, came from a meta event in PoF...a successful one, so good luck. Oh I've done plenty of metas. Over 150 Maw of Torment, tons of Pinata, a few Serpents Ire, Doppelganger and more bounty trains than I want to remember. I have all the Warbeast recipes, many times over so that I have to select trade contracts because I can unlock anymore. Several Harrier and Twins I cant do anything with because they are account bound. But not a single Bounty Hunter. I bought all the recipes Elisa had, and I have a character parked at her and check every day in case by so
  8. Too bad the head, chest, and boot recipes don't exist
  9. This is a sore spot for me too. Why isn't there a way to get them through PVE bounties? Ive done a tone of bounties. Not a single recipe has dropped They are account bound recipes so I don't see the point of locking them up tight. Ive gotten multiple ascended recipes for Hrrier and Twins, and all the Warbeast recipes. Yet I cant get Bounty Hunter ones at all?
  10. People seem to have opinion that Winter's Presence we designed to be expensive, and I don't think that's true. It was designed to be festive, and players made it expensive because of the components tradable nature. That means it was not designed to always be expensive, it could cost 100g, or it could cost 2000g. So the argument it needs to always cost a 1000g is flawed. Now my problem, which the topic is about, is the rune and sigil promotion recipe requiring mystic coins. They destroyed the drop rate of the runes and sigil when they introduced the promotion recipe. I don't know if you fo
  11. Prestige is pretty weak answer. If anything, prestige is about accomplishment, not price. I dont think the recipes are outdated because both got adjusted this wintersday, switching from the old snowflakes to the new ones. You are right, outdated was a poor choice of words. And while they did get adjusted, it wasn't because they Anet reevaluated the recipe components. The reason they updated them was because of the snowflake replacement and they had too. I guess I really can't discount the possibility they did look at mystic coins and said its fine, but if they did, grrrrrrrrr.... My po
  12. These recipes are outdated and the mystic coins are a completely unnecessary component. I am speaking from a Winter's Presence point of view right now. The sigils and runes dropped pretty commonly in the past, but now they are all but the rarest of drops forcing people to buy or make them. Which of course is only adding the rising price of mystic coins and in turn the runes and sigils. Mystic coins are already a very sore spot for me and have been source of aggravation for quite some time. So I guess another solution would be to just shower us with mystic coins so I wouldn't care about the
  13. A zoom would be nice, and the ability to expand the window. When I preview my charr, half of him is outside the frame.
  14. 1, 2 ,3 and 6 for me. Ive done some raiding and cleared a few, but man they are just too hard for me to want to do. Effort vs RNG reward was crap for me. I did enough to get some weapons, that I had to buy with shards while my teammates got them as drops. I think I got 1 ascended armor box , a few minis, and 1 time I got some ascended mats. Roughly 75% of the time my exotic reward was a piece of armor worth 50s. All they did was make dislike the game as a whole. They are so anti-everything I like about GW2. And I feel tying legendary armor to them was a huge mistake, but they did so
  15. Its new for my new Charr thief. I'll and repair and see if that helps.
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