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  1. This is a brilliant suggestion! Less clicking, better rewards!
  2. Same. The Map Results menu screen is also stuck, obscuring my view of everything, and making the game unplayable.
  3. While I appreciate the fix, I wish the patch notes had mentioned it. I had to return to this thread to receive the news.
  4. Post removed by author.
  5. Home Instance Nodes and Improved Economy Regulation(This section has been edited as of 2019-07-07.) Adding Home Instance gathering nodes to the Gem Store, so they can be purchased individually, has been a huge QoL improvement, yet there are still two such nodes that have been inexplicably excluded from the list: the Advanced Cloth Rack and the Advanced Leather Rack. Likewise, adding the Black Lion Statuette item (and its corresponding merchant) to the game was an excellent QoL improvement. Due to hyper-inflated Trading Post prices for certain items, giving players the option to purchase certa
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