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  1. or you could just try to mesh with the class' original dye theme instead? i disagree but you can even still use non thematic dye schemes and look cool on any class, every class has their own distinct colors/particle effects, not just mes. "and be a good lore bump" this would be the exact opposite. "weird how every single mesmer uses purple for their effects" its not only purple, its a very wide spectrum between pink and purple and even a bit blue.
  2. I think thats generic too though but nonetheless, I think anet could give any class any weapon and make it work perfectly in terms of their insane creativity., but still iffy about the new spec being up to par with mirage and chrono lol And I think necro will get a very cool spec so I'm most excited for that
  3. Should "having the least access to unblockable attacks" even be an argument though, cause imo I think there is a good reason why they designer ranger and war that way 🙂
  4. Exactly, the heal is good.
  5. get karmic enrichment from bjora marches and farm there
  6. I barely have any idea of what gw1 mes is like...i guess i need to look it up or something
  7. If you guys can't realize how over-tuned this build is then you are biased lol. Its not even like how power chrono was where it was also over-tuned BUT was also skill intensive rotation, with this build its so easy to be effective while also having good survivability, literally spamming dodges and evades.
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