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  1. There's no point engaging. I don't even think Sajuuk has opinions, they just like to be contrarian. And apparently demand to see our Icebrood Saga fan fics, since we're not allowed to be dissatisfied unless we rewrite the story ourselves in vain.
  2. We get it, Sajuuk, you like lackluster storytelling.
  3. Frankly Jormag wasn’t interesting in vanilla, imo. Jormag only became super compelling through the Icebrood Saga, so it’s a genuine shame we’ve lost them as a character so unceremoniously. They’re the only elder dragon I’ve found truly compelling. I’m very disappointed all the great set up of Jormag as a persuasive manipulator amounted to nothing.
  4. And all these things can be used as catalysts for the development and depth of individual characters, or stories that dig into the cultural identity of the asura. One of the failings of GW2 in my opinion is that the writing rarely focuses on the small scale personal stories. It doesn't often dig into how the characters are personally affected by anything, unless that character is Braham. GW2 really misses that character-driven aspect most of the time, so a good portion of the cast just feel like hollow archetypes vs dynamic people. Going underground to seek out old Asuran cities wo
  5. Seeing as how Balthazar returned as the one-note God of War trope we've seen time and again in fantasy properties, I don't think bringing back the gods will inherently make the lore "interesting" again, personally. I'm more concerned we'll see interesting lore figures like the six butchered of depth and underwritten. Edit: And frankly, I was more interested in discovering more lore and depth behind the Spirits of the Wild, and the Icebrood Saga hardly scratched the surface in that regard.
  6. I think I’ve lost interest in speculating further at the moment. No use trying to make sense of the story beats at this point. Jormag and Primordus occupy different spheres in the All, so even if they did fuse somehow that still creates a problem in that system. One that we caused, even.
  7. Yeah, this is where I'm at. I feel like I'm going through the motions because I'm 9 years in and have probably dumped hundreds of dollars into my account through the gemstore. I should just uninstall the game if I had any sense, but I feel like I'm chained to the radiator in ANet's basement on principal at this point. -_-
  8. This is the most egregious element of this whole situation to me. It just baffles me that this wasn't addressed *at all* in game. There is absolutely no work done to retcon, debunk, or reinforce any of this by *any* character. Taimi, Aurene, the Commander -- perhaps the three figures most crucially tied to the plot points that set up these elements -- do not ask any questions pertaining to the knowledge they've gained over the course of the story since season 3. There's no theorizing, no research done, nothing. The characters just ignore the facts as they know them as if those elements never e
  9. I'm always down to be handed some stat selectable ascended gear.
  10. The point seems to be there’s no point discussing lore — major points of lore — if the devs will simply hand-wave or discard it on a whim. Most of the theorizing and discussing I’ve participated in about the dragons throughout Champions is null and void. Really, it extends beyond that in scope as the season 3 revelations have been ditched without being addressed at all, so I don’t understand why we had to stop Balthazar from doing anything or prepare Aurene to ascend in Kralkatorrik’s place.
  11. I suppose they could reveal something like this down the line, but if so it’ll be yet again a detail our characters put no effort into investigating its possibility/viability. It’ll have happened as a happy accident in spite of our cast of buffoons. Or maybe we’ll get a tweet to explain how the heroes knew all along so there’s no need to worry! That’s often how we get clarity on many crucial plot points in the game, vs those answers being organically built into the movement of the narrative.
  12. Judging on his response it sounds like he’ll be suffering from some form of PTSD, but that’s all the writing seems to be indicating at the moment. The Altar of Glaust in Arah/Orr could give dragon minions free will again (which happened with Glint), but I don’t remember if it can cleanse physical corruption in addition to mental corruption/control. Frankly it’s a pretty important piece of lore that’s been long forgotten (no pun intended) by the devs. Perhaps ignored. I agree with your sentiments, though. Braham felt as if he was being narratively set up (however forced
  13. I wake up in an asuran hospital next to Zojja, and the doctor says, "it's a miracle! You've been unconscious since we pulled you from the blighting pod, Commander!"
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