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  1. I’d love to hear Cree Summer as an elder dragon. 👀
  2. The Krytan Herald on YouTube is worth checking out. Aerali is a smaller content creator that’s had some interesting speculation videos, too.
  3. After playing the Virtuoso a little bit the magical effects are pretty striking and look nice, but I'm still feeling like the artistic connotation of the name is not reflected in any of the skill animations or visual/aural effects. It seems much more focused on psionic power than anything to do with music or dance, despite some skill/trait names. I feel like either the animations/sound effects should change, or the spec should be renamed to something more evocative of psychic/telekinetic ability. Just my two cents. /shrug
  4. 😭😭😭😭😭😭 This line always kills me. The conclusion of The Head of the Snake (S3E4) was one of the few really gut-wrenching moments in GW2's story for me. I remember the first time I experienced this episode I had just played through the Order of Whispers arc where you meet Demmi and she joins the order after running away from her father, Caudecus. It was such a cool moment to see her character resurface as a proficient agent, ready to return home and take down the man she once fled from. Her death genuinely made me sad, just thinking about this young woman who gave up everything she
  5. I like Aurene and I’m glad she’ll be in the expansion. I just want to feel like I have a powerful elder dragon ally that’s actively helping me/dragon’s watch, which didn’t really feel like the case in Icebrood Saga. Not saying she’s gotta be perfect or can’t make mistakes, but the passivity felt very much like the devs couldn’t decide what to do with her. Making her more active in EoDs would be a good change of pace.
  6. Animations don’t have to be long or overly complex to be interesting and have some stylization. Daredevil is a decent example of this imo. It plays very fast paced and looks great doing so.
  7. Yeah, and it seems this spec in particular wants to channel that performance flair the GW1 mesmers had as a lot of them were actors.
  8. Conspiracy theory time! Ankka is a cipher or Zojja. A=Z, they just swapped the first and last letters of the alphabet. N=O, they're right next to each other in the alphabet, just swapped 'em out. KK=JJ, same as above A=A.... ok this isn't fullproof but I'M WEARING MY TINFOIL HAT. 😂 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
  9. While I love the concept of this e-spec, I feel the character animations look quite boring (as in the physicality of their movements). While all the flashy purple daggers look great, the name “Virtuoso” usually connotes a person “highly skilled in music or another artistic pursuit” and I’m just not seeing this concept visually represented in the e-spec as-is. While this is only a first look and more could be in development, I would love to see a more dancerly or acrobatic flavor to the animations; I think that would give the “Virtuoso” some much needed panache. I’d love to see th
  10. I like the character with the prosthetic dragon jade tech arm! I wonder if Taimi will use similar DJT to help with her condition somehow?
  11. The asura being Zojja was my first thought, so I hope that’s the case! I think this could be a cool way to reintroduce the character if it is her. Her eyes are that luminous blue in most concept art, but her in game model has greyish eyes. It does look a lot like her, and I would chalk up the new outfit as her new armor design. That said, the devs mentioned something about a character called Anka in regards to the asura on the ship right after the trailer viewing, which is who Sarah Sokolovic will be playing… I’m not sure if they were saying the asura is “Anka” or not.
  12. Oh geez, you guys are so extra…
  13. Razah seems like a good candidate for the Mist Stranger's true identity -- posted earlier, but my comment got removed for linking to the legendary lore datamine. Razah is mentioned as part of Exordium's lore though, so it could be the devs have that character on the brain for a specific reason.
  14. Pretty fun update. I like that the content is a little more challenging than usual, but I do wish the public version would be permanent. Also love the addition of the Mist Stranger. I’d like to learn more about them or others like them!
  15. Salvage it. No reason to keep it when you have legendary armor. You’re one of the few players that have a single set of legendary armor, let alone all three weight tiers. I’d say hold onto weapons since you might need those if you don’t have enough copies of a weapon for a build, but the rest can probably go. On the off chance they’re making heroes — doubtful they are — you’ll probably know by the end of the month during the livestream. Maybe hang on until then.
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