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  1. People will still complain about Necro being OP, especially dev's. Epidemic does no damage to bosses so why use it when a regular cleave on the boss will also cleave adds? Is Necro dps without Epi's trash-mob cleave good enough? Five stacks of damaging condi at half remaining duration is really 2.5 stacks of applied duration, maximum, only on add's, for conditions not ignored by indomitable. Probably misunderstood something here but Epi looks dead. It is a wasted slot and removes the reason to slot a Necro as an add-wipe profession for PvE content with add's. p.s. With Epdemic
  2. Arenanet can easily track how much time, XP and other rewards are being accrued on which professions, specializations, traits and even skills for each game mode and instanced combat. You are right that individual complaints or requests are almost always ignored but well thought out posts and extremely high or low play time / play effectiveness (rewards) will attract attention; even if it takes years and a leadership change. Change is slow but I am certain the actual statistics of players' choice influences balancing and new elite spec' development. Necromancer and Mesmer were each bu
  3. The best way to request a Mesmer buff is to not play it and explain why. This is a suggestion from a 2012 player when Necro players admired Mesmer for having at least one use. Post a request for a buff in the Mesmer profession channel.
  4. All they have to do is scale down shades. That is, make shades effects scale more strongly based on statistics or whatever; for example, "We felt that Scourge's shades in WvW were over-tuned so shades in WvW are reduced to a 120 diameter and scaling factors are adjusted lower by 30%. Run, you tiny sand castles, run! Also, your cast times are all increased by 1 second!... For every skill!" Will they do something this extreme? No, but this is how easy it is to nerf using scaling without changing how a skill is executed.
  5. Yes, there was no buff to Death Magic. Rather, removing damage from CCs left shroud with excess sustain. It is easy for players to forget shroud is used to defend from absolutely every mechanic and stun-locking a Necro is endemic in PvP: Everyone relied on exploiting Necro's weakness to CC so shroud was tuned for it since 2012. I do not understand players complaining that core Necro is good in PvP because it was basically designed for it at the expense of PvE performance. Necro has always been Arenanet's counter to boons in PvP and WvW.
  6. Reaper is very good with trash mobs: lots of cleave, AoE chill, an abundance of LF. Against single targets, Reaper is sub-optimal but, against waves of trash mobs, it's great. View Reaper from a function-perspective: Challenging a single Indomitable target is not Reaper's best use. In PvP, Reaper's chill output gives good pressure but it's cleaves have less use and LF supply is tight. Balance is pretty good.
  7. More interesting than the actual specialization.
  8. Practice using shroud and knowing what generates LF. Reaper dps is far higher than core Necro so remember that trade-off, too. In all honesty, I only die on full berserker, no minion Reaper in PvE when taking on way too much. I laugh it off and respawn. Also, event bosses like Svanir Shaman scale way beyond what any build can sustainably face-tank. Watch the tells and pick your response: dodge, shroud, go ranged, or count on incoming heals and res. This is an easy boss with and there were tons of players farming the event so don't sweat the details. Rather, use the event to prac
  9. Epidemic is Necro's trash cleave skill. It's like having a 900 condi-cleave that does 0 damage to its target. Without Epi, Necro had no dps cleave skills on any weapon or utility - nothing. Arenanet dev's probably realized in 2012 that balancing for PvP left Necro with terrible PvE dps and made Epidemic explicitly for groups in PvE. Maybe they thought it would be super awesome but forgot other professions could cleave trash mobs without using a skill that did zero damage to a boss. Epi worked better in WvW zerging right from the beginning. In contrast, Epidemic in PvE w
  10. @CratZII.5872 @Dadnir.5038 I have the same thoughts and concerns. For condition dps, scepter was required, even as ranged secondary to condi-Reaper's greatsword. And, with scepter, Lingering Curse is always required, too. The change to LC is nice but the trait is so peaky and powerful that it is mandatory for scepter and scepter is mandatory for most condi-dps builds. It would be nice if some of Lingering Curse's condition duration was baselined in scepter and LC was mellowed and broadened to provide only moderate condition damage and expertise on all weapons for b
  11. @work, will be for a while and the same for the rest of the week but some comments made sense to me as I watch the updates at a loss of productivity. Damage output should scale with Blight while sustain when unsupported by allies should scale inversely. This is a general impression. Can elixer effects and durations scale with Blight stacks, too? It feels like potency should increase as actual health decreases so with 1k health damage would be amazing. I'll bet the dev's already investigated this, though; don't want to be downed all the time for tryimg to pla
  12. Well, to start with, I would like to see how long I can maintain 25 stacks of Blight and what gameplay is like at minimal maximum health.
  13. First of all, we have not tried it, yet, so I withold my opinion on performance and tuning. Second, the explanation and preview last week made it clear 'Binger was designed to be a peaky dps specialization where damage output is tied directly to risk. Third, the elixers are boon factories Harbinger is meant to abuse where other Necro specializations had minor access to. Load up on Protect and Concentration, then see how it goes. Fourth, 'Binger is totally open to incoming heals. Use allies like Ele or Druid combined with a Scourge for sustain. That is the fe
  14. If Arenanet opened both Lingering Curse and Dhuumfire, they might as well split them between game modes so I wonder, too, if Dhuumfire could be linked to LC. Maybe the changes will amount to nearly nothing for other weapons but Lingering Curse could easily be used to "fix" some of Necro's off-hand and utility weapons and become a trait multiplier for more scaling between builds. Edit Lingering Curse could also become a look-up table modifying weapons or skills individually. While Arenanet said no such thing, it is not impossible in the future. Signets of Suffering
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