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  1. "In the short term, we will be experimenting with removing incentives from some unintended gameplay, and we’ll be removing the “participation grace time” granted by repairing structures in WvW. We’ll also be removing the outnumbered pip bonus, though the outnumbered stat enhancement will remain." You literally talked about making defence as viable as offence, then remove being able to maintain participation through repairs, which is kinda important while your setting up other seige. And removing the pip bonus for outnumbered, is legit stupid, without the capacity to counter large numbers, y
  2. There's skins and items in game that are quick to get, and those that require you to invest (sometimes a lot of) time/resources/whatever. There's players that prefer to get their shiny quickly, and those that like them as the carrot to farm for. The game has something for everyone. You have to find the shiny that you both want and agree with the aquisition method, not demand the game to change to your preferred playstyle (to the detriment of those who enjoy having a long-term goal in farming those weapon sets). Except we have the long term items - legendary equipment. That said, the point was
  3. I would like to just add, I think anet missed a huge opportunity to reinvigorate PoF maps, by utilising the specialization collection style for Stellar and Heroic Dragonsblood weapons, small collections to unlock the ascended, similar to the way they gave us class weapons for reaper, soulbeast etc.
  4. @"Illconceived Was Na.9781" - On your first point, about easy to obtain, anything is easy if you are swimming in gold, you can for the most part bypass most of the gates imposed by the sets themselves. As for easy, to fully complete the set to ascended rating, you need more than 176 ascended materials, whether you use your own daily crafted material or buy it, the value is somewhere in the range of 1200g. But that is just the ascended materials, not the rest of the requirements. And while some might say that you are getting an ascended weapon, I think most people who want to finish off colle
  5. @Randulf.7614 - I can't speak for the state of the Eu servers, just my observations from doing world completion through these areas on NA servers. There are some maps that are active (corresponding with skyscale of course), Sandswept and Jahai tend to have a decent pop but they have rewards that are proportionate to the rewards gained on the map. I would say that Sandswept isles, Jahaii, Dragonfall, and Kourna all have rewards proportionate to the state of their maps, they remind of how season 3 maps were structured, they all had quite reasonable and attainable gear, none were heavily dependa
  6. Festival is irrelevant to almost everyone except new players as the content has been stripped to the barest bones. I have also been back about 2-3 months now (I gave enough time to not just claim empty maps for no reason). The festival also has 0 impact on the disproportionate crafting requirements for Istani and Thunderhead weapon sets. The festivals tend to only reduce population for the first 2 weeks marginally, then a short time when people do dailies. I appreciate the comment though as a slight factor during events.
  7. You say that. Yet the fact they added such a system shows a level of generosity. True, just not a very high level lol
  8. Long story short, I just came back from maybe 8-12month break from the game, and have been running my MC and alts through the game and LS maps, to catch up and clear them all. A few things come to mind from that experience so far. Living Story 4 maps seem to be almost empty minus maybe the last 2 story maps, and a few things that seem somewhat out of balance compared to LS3 and HoT maps. Domain of Istan - Before I left, Istan was a hive of activity, commanders would lead players around the map completing events, and successfully clearing the meta, everyone was having a pretty chill time enjoy
  9. Unfortunately I don't think it is so much a design concept anymore, since they gated things like Legendary Armor and at least 1 trinket to raid content. Which Seems counter to the concept of accessibility to all. That said I certainly wouldn't say no to a Legendary reward track that rewards clovers, or mystic coins or amalagamated gems, even if it was gated to once a week. to correspond with your weekly wvw track.
  10. Let's face it, anet is not exactly known to be generous, The birthday is pretty standard, as much as I would love to see something like (universal mount selection license or a anniversary wardrobe picker not unlocker, or hey maybe just a pack of BL keys). Rewarding longevity to their game ain't worth anything apparently at least we get anniversary bl sales ( 1 free repair canister, bl merchant and trade post) can't wait!
  11. I am sure originally this thread was about raiding having difficulty degrees, like a large majority of MMO's have but GW2 for some reason doesn't. I mean, at the very least there should be a story mode like we had with dungeons. As for how you balance difficulty, I am unsure, especially since raids were based off the performance off elitest guild testing, and not using a random sample of players to judge content difficulty. Most other MMO's with raid content have duo or triple splits (normal/advanced/elite) and the rewards/difficulty is suitably adjusted. But what has become abundantly clear
  12. Flippers make money regardless of the prices of mats.. I imagine that power traders don't farm a lot and farmers don't power trade much, but cheaper markets in mats tend to hurt the farmers more, since a lot shinies cost the same but the value of the farm dropped. More importantly though, it shouldn't matter who is offering the argument, only whether the evidence supports the theory. In this case, "broken economy" isn't a fair description. Anyone can sell stuff they don't want and buy stuff they need, which is exactly what happens in a healthy economy. Lower prices in several markets doesn't m
  13. I left after anet decided 1k pristine relics is a reasonable price for a tonic, 100 sure, 1000, who are they kidding!
  14. Trying to argue with tp flippers and those who can't exploit prices is like trying to argue with a rock. The rock will always win because it's too rigid and too dense. "breaking economy" is just hyperbole like raiders complaining about anything. I am going to enjoy the low prices until the vocal minority ruin the game again.
  15. Lol, the sky is falling! cough Tarir has been like this for years. Stop complaining.
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