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  1. I don't think people are mad, but disappointed. I think more than anything people are feeling ready for some new Elite Specializations. The current ones are getting stale and I and others airing similar feelings to my own want something new to play around with.
  2. Uhm, the topic says to contact the Customer Support Team, but all I got as a response was; This was a response to an inquiry where I even link the topic that tells me to contact the Customer Support Team. What? So the official News and Announcement post sends me to Customer Support, which then proceeds to tell me to go back to the Forums?
  3. Yes, Amrok, that is what this topic is about. Stephane already wrote they'll look into it. I'm in the same boat. There's a free t-shirt outfit in the Gem Store though, you can pick that up at least.
  4. The grind has absolutely killed my interest in playing again. Haven't logged in since last Thursday, so it's been a week now, and I still don't feel like logging in. I just don't feel like grinding the same maps, again. Been there, done that. Send me to them, sure, no problem. Task me with beating a certain enemy, gladly a difficult one, or send me to do something with the equivalent difficulty of smelling a flower, whatever you want. But having me grind, through repetitive boring Hearts and events I have done more than my fair share of already, is just not giving me the drive to play. You eff
  5. No mount zones are arguably far more annoying, to me at least.
  6. I haven't felt like playing since Thursday because of this currency grind, well I didn't feel like it several days before that to be fair. I just don't have the drive for it after the previous collections burned me out. I also got super bored during the 4 days I could only press a hotkey 3 times to feed the Skyscale before any progress were allowed, so that was obviously a great design choice. I lost interest pretty much entirely. Doing Hearts that aren't even fun, the same events I've done before and tired of, months ago, repeatedly, and running around gathering nodes in maps I don't even wan
  7. I'm on the verge of quitting over needing to grind these maps after I've felt long done with them. I've popped into them leisurely from time to time, done a few achievements, but I have no drive to spend extended periods of time in a majority of them. The content they offer are not remotely fun enough for me to want to be in these maps. The collection does nothing to rectify that issue. By all means send me back to maps to do various little tasks like in the previous steps, populate them with my presence briefly in a fleeting moment as I move around doing my thing, but to have me grind 250 of
  8. The fact that you don't find anything else in the game interesting to do except press that hotkey three times and then come back to post about it is not indicative of a bad game or a bad feature. Sorry, but that's just you not being interested in doing anything else. I logged in, pressed my hotkey three times, fed it some treats, played the flute for the heck of it, and then went to other parts of the game to work on achievement completion and map completion since I have several I'm still working on. If that isn't your thing, that's fine, but I'm sorry that you're missing out on most of the ga
  9. There's videos on YouTube, here's one that shows the transformations in slow motion
  10. All I did in GW2 today, was log in, press a hotkey 3 times, then log out. Feeding the Skyscale is such riveting gameplay. I look forward to the following 2 days of the same exact experience, then another 24h where I can't do anything thanks to another daily reset wall. Can't wait to see how fast I can log off GW2 during the next stage(s). Or for that matter, the likely to be inevitable actual Gold sink, probably as you got to craft a 500 G saddle (— guess I got to point out that the latter is a sarcastic exaggeration). Some will find it ridiculous, but this timegated collection has ruined any
  11. The only timegate so far that I genuinely dislike is the daily reset one. If you don't finish a stage of the collection before the daily reset, miss it by just a tiny margin, well tough luck, wait another day before you can do anything. The third stage of the larger collection is a perfect example, you have to feed the little thing, 3 times maximum per day, for 4 days. You likely get the other collections done on day 1, and then all you get to do for the next 3 days is to press a button 3 times. That's not fun. After you have fed it the last day, guess what, you got to wait for the daily reset
  12. Got to love how the timegating is making the third stage of the larger collection incredibly unfun after you have collected the toys and treats. You get to feed your Skyscale, 3 button pushes a day. For 4 days in a row, if you even got the materials/Gold to progress daily that is. That is potentially 3 days where all you get to do is click a hotkey 3 times if you finished the other collections. Then you got to wait. After you push that button on the last day, you are then faced with the daily reset timegate on top of that, delaying it further. And it's honestly the latter timegate I take issue
  13. If you get the error, wait about 10-15 minutes before trying to log in again. The server believes you are still online and doesn't want you to connect with two instances to avoid the "ghost" from overwriting account data and resetting the actual player. Once you've seen the egg hatch, he tells you to come back later, leave the instance, then go back in and it shouldn't crash you. I think. Worked for me at least.
  14. Noticed this as well after the latest update. Hopefully whatever they did can be reverted to make nameplates float higher up again.
  15. Happened right after the egg hatched and talking with Gorrik for me as well. Probably is a coding error that triggers a crash. Typically we have to wait 10-15 minutes before we can log back in after a crash where the server still believes we are online. It needs to time out and is a safeguard to prevent data corruption from two instances of the account data existing simultaneously, e.g., you don't want the actual player's data to be overwritten by a ghost connection that lingers after a crash reverting things they have done for x amount of time. If you can't log in after 15 minutes, and there'
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