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  1. Its already off the radar, cant even find squads for it like a few days ago. this is where incentive comes in. If you dont give players a reason to repeat content they get bored. In other games this is handled by loot drops and rng something to look forward to dropping, but in this game loot is irrelevant since no gear worth any mention drops. no mount drops no top line weapon drops. Everything of any worth in this game is bought with gems or crafted for butt tons of gold and time. I dont know how I feel about that, cept i hate to craft if i wanted good crafting i would play final fantasy.
  2. Not worth it to me, i dont like crafting in any game and legendary is the absolute straw that broke the camels back. Plus when i spend money in this game its for mounts and slots utility stuff, legendary is not better than ascended for playing the game.
  3. There is no stat difference just convivence , also there are a lot of players that will never make legendary im quite content with ascended.
  4. Could someone at anet tell me what information they need to catch a lag switcher. Will time date location be of any use for them to see the desync? Or what else? i know there is a new switch and program out being used in games how can i get the info needed to help anet ban these creeps
  5. So before I lose it and throw this game in the trashcan are all the recent achievements from marionette like lightfoot, sidestepper, muter, dodger, and some others supposed to reset? I got most of them last night in a squad dedicated to doing them. Now they are all freaking gone and no credit for them. Why? anyone else have it happen?
  6. The problem isnt the weapon, its the fact that its made purposely weak as a caster ranged weapon, just like bow. I can see that in pvp, but in open world and pve its a shame that ranged weapon dps is the suck.
  7. Real life has taken me away for a few months but im coming back. I like the world i like the combat and the classes. So much i want to do still in GW2, and this game competes well in 2019 and beyond. No game outside of sub games like FF and WoW have as good a world and content as GW2 to journey through. And nothing i mean nothing beats the combat!
  8. Then you're playing the content sub optimally. A good run where everyone has good positioning and good dps is always very controlled and barely any damage is taken. If you feel like you're being battered, you're not handling the boss mechanics well and getting hit by things you shouldnt be This is true, people should not expect to go into this and get a kill on the first shot esp if you dont know what to expect. I hate to be the one to say but someone has to, the bar should never be lowered all that accomplishes is make people play worse. Does no one want to play well? You cant learn to play w
  9. Funny cause they were apparently developing it. Remember that other project? yeah well it may have been GW3 https://kotaku.com/source-departing-arenanet-president-was-working-on-pot-1838755217
  10. I think the bigger question is why he and those devs felt the need to move on to develop GW3? Remember they are inside , we are outside, they know a heck of a lot more about whats going on than we do.
  11. With the kind of decisions they are making this year, I see not only they are chasing loyal players away, now game developers and directors couldn't take it too...Actually, it seems MO and the others were working on GW3 for the last 2 years (which means gw2 was meant to be abandoned - that's probably the reason why we got no expac after LS4). https://kotaku.com/source-departing-arenanet-president-was-working-on-pot-1838755217 So, it's not the current decisions that chased those devs away. It's those devs that gave up on this game long ago.If thats true then its even worse than i thought. That
  12. Is that the last founder? Oh man, the ship capt! she's a sinking!
  13. Hmm well thats what you get when you have people on the forums saying to sell it as slots. Personally i think its something that should be part of the core base of the game, but w/e. As another poster pointed out, if you are charging for things that should be part of the game there is a problem, and its a slippery slope into whats next. How long till p2w comes up? The shop needs to be for cosmetics not for gameplay.
  14. look at how pretty she was! Oh man i want one. WoW has a spider mount that cost 2,000,000 gold, and everyone wants it. https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/89334/the-scrapped-spider-mount/p1# I dont get why they scrapped this one, there are spiders all over the game. I mean seriously if its because people have a phobia thats really a laughable excuse in a video game. If you start doing that might as well make the game hello kitty island adventure.
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