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  1. Same cant complete because interface is messed up
  2. I dont think cm is for the average player, these modes are for the hard core players, thats why they are in the game. No more raids strikes were put in to replace raids. Most players i run with can push 30 to 40k pretty regularly. The damage isnt the issue in cm its learning the mechanics well enough to be able to do your damage at the same time not dying to mechanics
  3. Who got the clear? SC, HS or someone else?
  4. I dont know about that maybe as dps boon, but heal brand heck no lol
  5. i just dont see it being a good healer in raids and strikes. So many others outshine it. I mean they break pmech completely its not worth pig spit, and give us more support that we already had in scrapper and heal boon mech. As it stands right now sb as support heals is not going to be better than what we have already. Its actually worse , been saying this since i tested the beta, engi didnt need a shortbow. What is this for really? it isnt really viable anywhere.
  6. Yeah that was obscene on anets part they really screwed them over no one takes them to any content worth a kitten
  7. Its doable we phased to the second split phase with a pug group and no one knowing jack about the fight, and yes dps check of 30k at least
  8. CO CM is a gateway cm, im willing to bet ToF will be closer to olc or ko cm difficulty, not extremely hard but difficult. I dont think anet will ever put anything in the game like HTCM again. Even though that was a hell of a fight with interesting phases
  9. Or you can put up a lfg for it on a fresh meta map, people are farming these things for legendary you should get a few bites
  10. I love the fireball attack feels like riding a real dragon! But I can understand people get upset when they are on the ground fighting and everyone else hoovering on skyscales. I think for regular mobs and world stuff skyscale should be left alone, but for group events like world bosses bounties maybe implement a no fly zone around them when the boss is up
  11. Nothing could kill wow not even Bobby Kotick , but Bill Gates is the kiss of death lol
  12. I have heard this but they dont have the older version on the site, is it on github? I get the same errors as op, seems that small patch broke arc alright
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