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  1. Yes it does matter. It is the very nature of this discussion. It is part of the balance team's job to make options close to each other, thus, balanced. In terms of classes against each other, specs against each other, traits against each other, everything should be trying to achieve certain level of parity. If not, then its not properly balanced. Period. It doesn't matter which game, its always like this. We judge the balance team by how close are options against each other. The further away one build is from the other, the worst the balance is. If one class depends on one trait or else is evi
  2. Then they are not fundamental. They are optional. Why do you get so confused by this? Its not that hard
  3. By definition, if you can opt out then its not fundamental.
  4. Lol, again the same pattern: "I like bladesworn, because i always hated warrior". While warrior mains mostly hates bladesworn. Its far from what warriors are supposed to offer. Cool ideas =/= playable ideas. BS idea was to be a one shot kind of character. In reality it ended up being a mix of things who screams a lot to heal himself. One judge from here the dev team skills to create especs. Id love this to be true but in general they keep nerfing core and old specs just to buff the new sellable ones. 101 marketting that is
  5. You really can't. I mean, don't get me wrong, you can always increase damage and what not to make it more viable; but technically speaking from a professional point of view, you can't. Warrior has a fundamental design flaw: All weapons rely on burst from design to be balanced and ANET keeps deciding to remove burst with every e-spec. It is less noticeable when burst is replaced within the same weapon like Berserker, but Spb needs to have every weapon balanced around each other and then contemplate counter as another weapon attack. BS is one hot mess because they remove burst comple
  6. Let us know when you get a clue... currently you got us here wondering the same thing.
  7. What weaponry... the pen is mightier than the sword and we are about to get THE PHILOSOPHY. Get ready to smash brains not skulls in a Socrates way.
  8. Game became so cheap it seems the best they can do, and we so hungry for a bone that most will take it... such a shame.
  9. to be honest, banners is the least of my concerns... we shouldn't be even discussing banners having no support spec. Its everything else about warrior that makes it obsolete in the current scenario and have us talking about standing banners. 4 skills are not going to fix a class.. we are in such a pathetic state that we actually depend on this 4 vanilla skills. Hope they realize how low the standards are.
  10. because they have no balance (im sorry, ill find my way out)
  11. Why not give dps specs very good dps and keep support for the time they actually decides to make a support spec? This chimera they built with quickness, might, heal but nothing working well with each other is terrible. Very rookie gsme design and it shows a desperate attempt to comply with an angry audience.
  12. Same, been away since eod beta2. Forums are just better toilet reading than ig
  13. You got it wrong... (I don't think lore have to be mixed up with balance BUT following your line of thought): Lorewise, no class in the game should EVER beat a warrior in melee combat, never. Because that is, lorewise, what warriors do better than anyone. They are the master of weapons after all. To be honest, this line of thought is so stupid is like kids fighting which xmen is stronger.
  14. on today's job posting: "Looking for philosophers to join dev/balance team" (I actually think they'd do a better job)
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