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  1. I'm frankly shocked this isn't fixed yet. They acknowledged it on reddit day 1. This is really hindering the contents reception.
  2. I've been trying to do the flawless fallen achievement, and I kept getting hit but I wasn't sure where. Finally I recorded myself with my combat log open and what do you know? I'm getting hit by invisible deathly synergy. -_- So lets see, you posted this nov 2019, so this bug has been around for 8 months. Not great.
  3. Yeah except most of those crystals come from actual victories, ie it's way more efficient to win and i'm sure there's more efficient ways of farming ascended gear than failing a boss 600 to 200 times depending on how good your group is when it fails + 20g you have to fork over. Yeah but the alternative you proposed: Has the exact same design. It is much more efficient to just kill it in one go. Worse yet, the current system keeps rewarding you even when you fail, all the way to 150 mag shards/gaeting crystals, your proposal is a lot lower. In the current system I can spend an hour wiping
  4. This whole idea is strange to me. Your very first statement, 'I think one of the biggest issues with raids in this game is failing nets you nothing. ' is just factually not true. You get magnetite shards and gaeting crystals for failing. In fact, literally the only way to hit the weekly cap of gaeting crystals is to fail something at least once (perfect full clear is 145 gaeting).
  5. Just remove SA all together. From the day it was introduced it has been antithetical to what gw2 was advertised as, and its combat system. Better yet, lets just remove all instabilities and instead put that effort into making more challenge motes like 99 and 100.
  6. @Cyninja.2954 Very good, now OP has 2 clear opinions from 2 veteran raiders, with a good nuanced discussion developing them both. Hopefully the wealth of knowledge you and I brought into the conversation will be useful to them. I hope you continue to enjoy the raids, and if OP tries them, I hope they enjoy them too.
  7. Unfortunately it isn't a temporary mood. I've wanted to quit gw2 for a long time, at least 6 months, and I taken breaks before in the past. The only reason I log in is the weekly raids, and I don't do that because I love the content. I don't like the boring slog of spirit woods. I don't love the afk time in trio. I don't love the rng nature of soulless horror, or the boring gate event in w7. I don't log into gw2 to play gw2, and I haven't for a very long time. I log into gw2 to play with my friends, and many of them do the same thing. If all 9 of them said, 'hey we are switching to des
  8. I don't see it that way, I said: As you pointed out, many people play gw2 as a solo experience. If your looking for that socialization, raiding in gw2 is an indirect way to get there, with a low chance of success. Most players never join a static, they just pug. I think your making the assumption that OP is going to play gw2 no matter what, and so raiding in gw2 is the only option to get that socialization. I don't view it that way. If OP wants socialization they can find a weekly dnd group, or a weekly poker group, or a bowling league, or a rock climbing club, or just make friends in real
  9. I am a bit confused, you have over 2k kills, yet can not recommend the content to new players? I'd say that is a very strong recommendation for players to try the content, it seems to have entertained you long enough or not?Its a confusing statement, I understand. Allow me to further elaborate, you gotta understand, I joined a guild that had 9 other casual raiders at around 50 LI. I stuck with them until about 150 LI (I think?). Then I joined a more serious static, been playing with them ever since. Of course I also did some pugging along the way, but most of my kills have come with my sta
  10. That was really cool, thank you for sharing it (and 3 separate kills!) Hmm, now you've got me wondering. If you brought 5 heal tempests + your bubble rev to sloth. The auto attacks might be able to outheal the green floor (along with rotating your heal skills). For shakes you could have the rev grab the conditions with that malyx skill that gives resistance. For slams, you could maybe run gale song + rotate through the rebounds. For cc, you could play it safe and just let chill slowly drain it. Haha, it would be a super slow kill, if it is possible at all.
  11. Also, they heard complains that kiting at deimos is boring, and so they put kiting in at dhuum. They heard that was boring, so they put it into qadim. They heard that was boring, and so they put 3 kiters into qadim 2.0. They heard complains about how boring it was to have long events focused on trash mobs, so they put the worst offender in wing 7 too. Not only is Anet not learning from their mistakes, they are getting worse at making the same mistakes.
  12. That jump isn't part of the intended way of doing things, it's a player-found shortcut, so worrying about it being counter intuitive is a bit silly imo :p It's still totally doable. Yes but it is also part of the meta now. Any new players who watch a video or even just play with a player who has any experience are going to encounter this and think it is the correct path.
  13. You guys need to change twisted castle then. RIght now you have two options to make that jump, dodge roll of the edge or fall damage trait. However, dodge rolling off the edge is counter intuitive with no in game explanation. By dodge rolling off the ledge, you fall faster, but don't die from the fall. That's incredibly confusing. Edit: people don't believe me, so I made a video showing this:
  14. They are absolutely amazing if your a player who plays less than 6 builds and literally never tweaks anything about any of those builds. So for example, if your a thief who has a mobility build for open world gathering and then another build for fighting, they are fantastic. Unfortunately, I think the players who most wanted build templates have been failed by this system. Players who raid, wvw, and pvp a lot, I don't think it is good for them. I really wish you guys had just made an official version of arcdps+buildtemplates, wrap it in a nice gui with the guarantees of first party support,
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