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  1. I'm actually kind of shocked we never got an order of shadows outfit. Would love to wear one on my female thief! Love how it looks with the hood and everything.
  2. Yeah, my FPS is around the same (they will probably have to continue optimizing a bit further). But, rendering takes a fraction of the time it used to, and no more random dips and stutter.
  3. Update: PoF maps were what gave me the most trouble before this beta. They now run and load like butter. System specs for the devs if it helps: Intel i7 7700k 16 GB DDR4 ( 2 x 8 GB) Nvidia RTX 2080 Super I believe I have GW2 loaded to my 970 Evo NVME SSD, so I'm sure that helps as well.
  4. There are several things I've noticed since running around both populated maps and unpopulated maps. The framerate no longer spikes or dip as drastically, it's more stable and consistent. And while it didn't automatically make my machine jump in FPS, that's fine. It consistently stays higher when it is instead of stuttering or dipping seemingly randomly. Another very good thing I've noticed is that what used to 30+ seconds to load into lions arch? Now takes a couple seconds. It's amazing how the rendering times have changed. I'm going to be running around the PoF maps as well, since those
  5. The commander is strong, but still couldn't save Tybalt. Even they have their limits. 😭 I think PoF showed that pretty well though, that the commander kind of had to come to terms with the fact that they aren't immortal, that they too have their limits.
  6. Please don't enable this person. You're trolling and there's no way what you're saying here is in good faith whatsoever.
  7. But, the real question is, when is the fireworks-based engineer coming? Moot mace with offhand Quip, (Clarifying: I love anet and this game, I'm not trying to seem any other way)
  8. Guys, lets be real. It'll be double blades, but it'll be two greatswords in each hand that way instead of 1h swords.
  9. https://www.guildwars2.com/en/end-of-dragons/ The webpage and splash screen has been entirely updated I believe. Should be active now
  10. It might've gotten fixed already, but just want to be safe and make sure the team is aware. https://i.imgur.com/h2usICM.png
  11. Ahhh!! I love reading about this stuff. Not only is the transparency extremely refreshing, it is nice to learn how different circumstances are managed. One of the things that I've always been consistently amazed by is the server tech that goes into GW2 and how the patch system works. The near zero downtime makes the game a lot more enjoyable to know it's most likely going to be there when I wake up or when I want to play, and it's nice to learn more about it. As someone aspiring to land a job in game programming, this just makes my inner nerd happy to read. Would love to see more b
  12. Character’s in-game name: Xifeng Lao Character’s gender/pronouns: She/Her Character’s species: Human, Canthan Briefly describe their physical appearance if it differs from their character model: Xifeng (Xi) is a pale, lithe woman of slightly above average height. She keeps her long black hair pinned in a bun on the top of her hair with decorative ornament. Her eyes are a light pink-red hue, presumably from some sort of disease/mutation. She tends to wear dark clothing. Is there any place a stranger might have seen them before in passing? -
  13. [Noble House]Name of Family: Lao Head of Family: Xifeng Lao Heritage: Imperial Cantha Coat of Arms: Centipede Notable for: Necromancy and historians Additional Info: - The family escaped Cantha a couple centuries ago as Usoku was rising to power - Were reclusive and secluded on their estate just outside Garenhoff until a few years ago - Has a main bloodline and a branch family that live in East and West Kessex Hills respectively.
  14. Heya! I thought a thread for players who play any sort of upper class citizen or nobility would be neat! This thread is for Noble Houses. This is just an example template, but usually it is nice to keep things concise! For Houses: [Noble House] Name of Family: Head of Family: Heritage (Krytan, Ascalonian, Elonan, Canthan (Imperial, Luxon, Kurzick)): Coat of Arms: Notable for: Additional Info:
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