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  1. The current design is pretty good, actually. Damage on the alac builds (both power and hybrid) is quite good right now, and I'd even argue that the base alac duration should be bumped back down from 1.5s to 1.25s. Also, the power builds can still use Crashing Courage. With the cd on the f2, there are plenty of windows to cast f1 and f3.
  2. When Searing Pact is selected, the duration of outgoing boons is reduced by 50%.
  3. When Searing Pact is selected, the duration of boons you apply to allies is still reduced by 50%. I wouldn't recommend playing any sort of support build with this trait until this is fixed.
  4. I think quickness and alacrity are fine as they are at the moment. They're much more impactful on *how* you play compared to most other boons (e.g., might, fury, swiftness), making them much more interesting for gameplay. The complaints about them making a rigid meta are nonsense imo, as the current meta is more flexible than it's ever been. Each 5-player group will want: might, alacrity, quickness, healing, and access to other auxiliary boons (swiftness, fury, prot). The number of ways you can achieve this now is kind of nuts, but it's usually done by compressing the healer and might roles
  5. Mind naming them? I'd reckon a majority of the traits are working just fine with Willbender, with only a couple exceptions.
  6. With Litany, Roiling Light, and careful use of your Virtues, you shouldn't have many issues with sustain in most encounters. Outside of fights with heavy melee-hate or excessively strong ranged pressure, you should be able to juggle your cooldowns and tiptoe around most/all of the damage. The Zen Daijun maze is a great place to practice, as the three champions within it have a good balance of danger and predictability. As for CC, you just didn't look hard enough. The flipover skill on RL (Quick Retribution) is a 3s daze. The elite is a 4s knockdown. Binding Blade is a 150 pull. If you need
  7. The alac share is working just fine for me, mind recording a video of the issue you're having?
  8. You can get around this bug by selecting the "clear stored configuration" menu option after applying boons.
  9. This is the way. If you're still running a passive stat signet anywhere that isn't instanced group content, you're doing it wrong. If I had to pick between having 180 condition damage and having access to aegis OR stability OR cc OR a stun break OR reflects OR vuln OR ... you get the idea.
  10. That HP isn't as difficult as people think it is if you just cheese it with a ranged weapon. https://i.imgur.com/8rHAnX8.png <- Took about 3 minutes, would've been faster with a more optimized gear setup Definitely agree on the cringe whenever someone calls this spec "willy" though. It pains me.
  11. I'm so glad they upped the F1 coef from 0.6 to 1.5. It's an absolute blast to chain it w/ the kill resets from Radiance.
  12. I still enjoy playing cfb. Cfb makes me feel like the party's mom, cwb makes me feel like the feral cat in the backyard. They're both different playstyles and they're both great.
  13. I'm not talking about Restorative Virtues. Phoenix Protocol is the gm trait that gives you alacrity whenever you proc Resolve, and Battle Presence (Virtues gm) allows you to share your Resolve passive. If they revert the nerf on PP and give it 1.5s base alac again, then we'll have a viable alac build. As it stands, that trait is worthless in PvE right now.
  14. cfb is definitely easier to play than cwb
  15. Just played through every strike (both IBS and EoD) with 90% boon duration and was only able to upkeep ~70-80% alac on my subgroup. This has the potentially to be a really fun and interesting build, but it's dead in the water right now. The fact that you NEED to run the Virtues line with it means it wont really dominate the meta, but it'd be nice if it was at least playable.
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