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  1. And it totally vaporized. I'm not sure I can even get 3-5 more characters on this account - hehe! I know, what's the cap?
  2. I went through 80 stacks (20,000 essence) and received 8 exotic, and many hundreds of the rare backpack (w/ 920% MF). So I would expect about 1 every 10 stacks or so, maxing your MF... The droobert turn-in is about 8/5 better coin for the trash, but that would have taken me literally hours of mindless grinding (instead of about 15 minutes opening, plus another ~30 minutes maxing MF to 920% in Silverwastes[sW]). I still have another 120 stacks to go...
  3. Yes, just let the Chinese sweatshop gold farmers lag out GW2 - let them - LAG IT
  4. Yeah, best ascended accessories EVAH !!! I still save stacks, even account-bound.
  5. I was completely with you here - why play the game, if all you do is 'game' the BLTC and don't even have to login... but that part about, "if they already had that much money" didn't float - not at all. Nah - they just set up MM (necro minion) farming bots with bells (have to reply to text messages) - why bother going through the RIGORAMAUL of crafting a leg. Gimme a break.
  6. With the kind of resourses involved here, it sure does smell like the typical Chinese sweatshop gold farmer outfit I remember oh-so-well, back from my WoW daze 10 years ago. However, it certainly could be some API widget coder kid, who only interfaces to the BLTC, and can massively query and statistically analyze, and thus buy/sell max market style (much like front running/naked shorting/high frequency). What a fun way to play GW2 - you never even have to login - just check your GUI API widget interface for automated results!!!
  7. Oh come on, I remember the MM campers farming charged lodestones AFK in Malchor's Leap back 4-5 years ago - so I know they don't get banned, as long as they have a 'bell' on their side that alerts them, when they get messaged by a GM/whatever. Granted, I never really saw anything like NE Kourna B4 - it's liek they all had their lands staked out, with some sort of claim?!... I mean, to me it just looked so obvious, and should be shut down immediately by any sane/competent GM. To be completely honest, I was rLy moar interested in what 'phat lewtz' they pharmin' there?!? Dust?!?
  8. So I'm doing the daily Kourna volatile energy collection, and I count literally 6 necros with tons of minions, just AFK farming choya. What is this all about - what's the special item?!... And legit too, I suppose >.<
  9. Right now, there is a 300,000 order for mystic coins at 1.8g. It obviously has to be from the same person - I mean, who would order a mere 50 or 100 coins, on the end of a 300k fifo queue (they'd bid it up 1c). If I calculate correctly, that's at least 3 different accounts with the gold capped at 200k. I guess it could be some sort of guild team that's doing it...
  10. I got a blue skin the very first map, but nothing since. What are glitched weapons? I sold the blue skin for 16g - I remember selling them for 100g a couple years back, haha!!!
  11. Well, about a week ago it mysteriously stopped - I suspect it was a windoze bug, as it went away after that patch...
  12. It's failing for me since the Amazon servers came online - packet loss/lag spikes/general lag have been getting worse and worse. And it seems worst for the latest members joining a zone, as if there's higher priority for those that have been in the map the longest... Annoying in WvW, watching everything going on around you, while every command is ignored for over a minute (even respawning at WP).
  13. Same with me - opened box, selected armor, then tried to salvage it - but NOT salvageable - so I deleted them. It's redundant to have the box and the armor as part of the achievement, and the item should have been account bound anyways when you opened the box. I almost believe this was done intentionally, just to piss off people like us, and try to entice us into grinding those low level areas for hours... I spent about 1.5 hours grinding lowbie areas, not a single drop (need 3 armors). Not worth the 10AP/rewards to me - I was hoping to get my daily 10-krait grind to be in a lvl10 area, bu
  14. You mean Mystery of the Bjora Marches one? Yeah the mirror near the refuge waypoint reflects it, but something in the air is blocking it...
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