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  1. Everyday at this hour(8 PM), I get 300 ping then shoot up to 1k every time I'm near a zerg! I've tried: allow gw2 through firewall, use ethernet, even forward port but it cause more problem, it sucks big time that I can only play at night but the lag prevent me from playing until 11 pm
  2. Agreed but don't expect it to be cheap seeing the cost required to convert other infusion into Mighty 9 infusion, you be better of buying that infusion than converting.
  3. Compared to other festivals, its boring so I just do the daily for gold, the repetition of this one get tiring really fast
  4. Modrems are pain to deal with in large number The Troll, it spawn 3 bee swarms that can hone in on you dealing constant damage The floating plant (sorry too lazy to look up) both variant are annoying; one create a leeching pool and since most players prefer tanking the hit RATHER THAN DODGING THE POOL THAT IS HEALING IT AND OTHER MODREMS (seriously! DODGE you're making the fight way longer than it has any rights to be!) one constantly hurt you with it tendril from afar The Husk can immobilize more than one player Wolf AoE cripple bleed Vine Aoe cripple knockback
  5. they did, its called Abbadon's Ascent, which ain't easy but you can tell where you need to jump and no crappy unidentifiable slippery slope
  6. The JP design is horrible, with or without disabilities, at least they learned their mistakes with the Siren's Landing JP Oh and I don't consider terrible, awful design = challenge Game is easy doesn't mean we need to justify BS.
  7. Probably couldn't grasp the idea of people liking different contents
  8. Agreed, it give us reason to explore the map again as long as the event isn't buggy or require failure, the mystic curio may look easy to get but is unbelievably dull, and seeing how many gold you throw at TP but is still not enough is soul-crushing. I'm a bit worry about gifts though, will they require 250 mystic coins and amalgamated gemstones or similar to that? PoF have funerary incense
  9. There were few Asura with deep voice, like Tonn and that one asura discuss about golem rebellion in Rata Sum, they both share same VA
  10. There are 2 story part that support this dual identity, during HoT final story Canch said that the Pact (which is us) is distracting Mordy, and once again during LW 4 final story, we go inside Krak while the Pact (we) is attacking from the outside
  11. The Bandit Bounties are Encoded orders drop from bandits so anyone can get it really, we could be mercenaries that don't makes us loyal to the Shining Blade Episode 1-4 have us investigate a strange bloodstone explosion which happen to be caused by White Mantle, how does sharing a common enemy makes us loyal to the Shining Blade? And are you really gonna use legendary weapon to justifies being forced to join the Shining Blade? A character that have finished tutorial level can run around killing things with it, and the Shining Blade won't pat an eye. Like I said, I wouldn't be a
  12. 1. Story change based on your races/professions 2. Dungeons 3. Rifle/Pistol elite specz
  13. Living world season 3 episode 6 Edit:Ohhhh i get it now! Sorry.
  14. Remember the Shining Blade? Yea, i can't get over how they force non-human PC to join the club just so the story can move along, and it never brought up again (just like many other things in this game) i know the "you talks, you die" but dear lord, what a unnecessary decision, i wouldn't be so annoyed if we can decline and change the story, but since when have Anet made story decisions that change the next one completely?
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