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  1. https://www.guildwars2.com/en/news/big-sales-on-gem-cards-and-guild-wars-2-path-of-fire-this-weekend/ so only Amazon have this restriction? I can't understand other site so i dont want to risk it
  2. I dont get this reply, just because it happened before doesn't invalidate that fact their sale today is only available to specific region. Problem ain't about didn't buy before but what wrong with available to everyone? What if a new player want to buy this expasion now but not in available region? Oh i'm sure somebody gonna give advice how to bypass the region restriction but do people have to go through all the hoops and BS just to buy something so simple?
  3. Well, i'm certainly gonna pre-purchase......when it's 3 days close to release but i wonder will there be any bugs or server issues on release? Remember Long live the Lich? I can't finish anything due to server issues at release and it was a free update
  4. I noticed there are new names among the servers, whats up with that?
  5. man....what a disappointment, now i either wait for another sale on their website or ask my only US friend to buy it for me, such a hassle. Maybe next time
  6. Harbinger's shroud 1, sound is good just wish it was two shroud pistols
  7. Gotta wonder why they removed instant kill downed from Battle Maul and get rid of bleeding, movement speed, give people the long waited skill to dismount other, reduce its overall health/endurance if people knew to how counter. And like you said "We are bracing ourselves for impact" can be applied to whatever new "system" for WvW, warclaw proved that
  8. Yah, and when you mention mount, I said it make WvW unhealthy until they fixed it but you are forgetting Anet is working on alliance, something that you dont need expansion to use. Edit: They aslo increase pip award (no repair participation though)
  9. and in my last reply, im talking about how you think they should have added fishing to LW, but mounts were added in PoF and LW For this, just look at my first reply
  10. Beelte? Skyscale? Hello? "mounts were added in LW but only right after xpac" that is what i meant
  11. Wow....this left me confused so im just gonna say that mounts were added in LW but only right after xpac HOWEVER no WvW mount on day one until after 2 years, with many fixes to get where warclaw is now thanks to the ahem...backlash (oops sorry i said the word again)
  12. And here i was worrying that you might be ignoring my points simply because its in the past, thanks for confirming. Anet added mount, it caused problem to WvW, but if they remove it would also cause problem so the best they can do is nerf it to the ground, we would still get complains to this day if they didn't fix the problem, logic is strange huh? But i'm sure you still think that "backlash" is non existence because they fixed it and since you know the definition of backlash, why do you think Warclaw have to be fixed?
  13. So you believe that i'm wrong because the backlash aren't as huge as you think? Alright we can be here arguing how "massive" all day but doesn't change the fact that the mount that "blessed" WvW so much that Anet have to nerf it so that it won't instant kill downed players, run faster on your server territory
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