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  1. It would be awesome to have a bank tab similar to Wardrobe Storage for doing build simulations.
  2. Yes, the existence of Elemental Celerity with the Cata spec is the only new thing upon which to claim that MS 'is too strong' now. compared to 2 yrs ago. In which case, if its really a problem - which to me it is NOT since Cata lacks so much of staff Weaver's better dmg skills - then increase the cooldown on EC, don't nerf MS damage.
  3. Not sure. Last weekend there was a Tempest on the other side that was just brutally hard to kill yet was still dangerous. No idea what the build was. Otherwise, Tempest healer maybe? Hammer Cata? Maybe some can do inane hammer routine, but I have no interest in it. Staff was a decent risk/reward, knowing if you got focused you were likely toast, but you could also make some tactical impact for your group with your AoEs. Nerfs like this are going to gut that role.
  4. Agreed - its complete kitten to make one-sided nerfs w/no compensating improvement in other skills or defensiveness. It's calculator laziness. Oh btw...did you see those ranged nerfs to Ranger's Longbow in the patch? No? Me neither. Weird, huh.
  5. I can't really get into EOD too much either. Overall, it was superficially interesting and unique; but after a short while, it feels empty, and events seem infrequent, and even those are uninteresting, as most use the copypasta mobs with 'void' skins thrown on. Cantha has no unique identity For a mysterious land that has been isolated for hundreds of years, there is little in the way of unique cultural identity beyond the superficiality of faces, dress, and architecture. Language is jarringly modern slang/idioms/swears, like it was lifted from tik tok, not like th
  6. The worst thing is that these Protocols are entirely unnecessary busywork for the player, and tediousness of filling/losing battery charges & buffs just adds to that busywork. The mobs could simply have been tuned to a proper difficulty and Protocols removed, instead of overtuning the mobs just to make the Protocols feel relevant.
  7. Oh no, no, I'm certainly not arguing for intentional sparsity. I acknowledged the sparsity, and am doubtful if these maps will see much play in 6-9 mo. if they remain as-is. My last sentence "OTOH, I suppose you can't tune every map to be 'the' go-to map, or then they will all be overtuned" is to simply acknowledge that if Anet tunes up the events and rewards on these maps, then yes, it will increase their popularity, but do so at the expense of some other map(s). Anet could then try to tune up the events/rewards on those latter maps, but clearly, this just becomes whack-a-mole and a
  8. I wonder how it will be in 6-9 months, though, once the novelty and initial waves of EoD playthru is over. Event density does seem kinda sparse to me. OTOH, I suppose you can't tune every map to be 'the' go-to map, or then they will all be overtuned.
  9. A new video by Vallun of power Virtuoso w/staff + sword in PVP:
  10. I was running dagger/foc Virtuoso with Zerker/Marauder, and just for a test, I switched to my full celestial set. I'm rather surprised at how well it works, at least in OW. I don't have number comparisons, but its certainly a lot more durable and seems to kill pretty well. Will keep playing around w/it...
  11. So, I got my Virtuoso's Dagger (exotic), and equipped it, hit Customize, and these were the stat options: Carrion Dire Ritualist's (Vit, CondiDmg, Conc, Expertise) Um...what?? Is Anet trying to hint that Virtuoso should be a condi build, when nearly all its weapon/blade/utility damage is Strike Damage? Or, is Anet just trying to make the dagger useless, other than as a new skin?
  12. In the main room, on the left wall (your left, when facing where Joon stood), there is a charge to take. Also, one bad thing I found is that it seems to be possible to add a charge when you already have a charge. Since we start off with Jade Bot being able to only hold 1 charge, the second charge overwrites the first, and you end up short a charge. I had to restart the story because of that. So be extremely careful of remembering when your Jade Bot already has a charge, to avoid this. Anet should patch that so that if you already have a charge, it should refuse a second charge attemp
  13. In the upstairs inner bedroom, with the laser in the corner and pressure plate: I assume somehow I'm supposed to use the pressure plate to open the doors to the hallway so that the laser can shoot the jade shield on the opposite side of the second floor? Or is the laser supposed to move, because it doesn't seem to move, just rotate. EDIT: FIGURED IT OUT - Stand on the pressure plate and deploy the jade bot to stand in the open doorway as the target, positioned so the laser will hit the jade shield.
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