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  1. I'm of the mind that Teq shouldn't drop non-Tequatl ascendeds anymore. Getting ascended gear has never been cheaper or easier (even crafting isn't terrible) and you can still stat swap Tequatl gear. And as I mention, 1000 for 1 isn't a good solution because there are 19 weapons. The RNG doesn't change after you got your first. Prestige. To mark yourself as the dedicated elite. "Prestige"? Ok, maybe. "To mark yourself as the dedicated elite"?That's just plain stupid.I can do an event one time and get the drop if the RNG favors me.I can do an event a million times and not get the drop if t
  2. This has been brought up before and will be brought up again until it's fixed. EVERY ACCOUNT-BOUND ITEM NEEDS A NON-RNG METHOD OF ACQUISITION. I understand the (extremely) low drop rates for infusions and other high-end items. They keep people playing the game for the chance and their resulting high TP value helps the economy. You have to account for millions or even billions of drop attempts across the playerbase and game lifespan to keep an item rare. A player attempting to acquire a rare, unbound item is not limited to only the attempts they can personally pull. If the item actually drops
  3. Neato. Will these changes also affect the pickup skills from Ranger Porcine pets' F2 Forage skills?If not, will the Porcine F2 skills be updated to something... less unwieldy? Piggy please?
  4. The new Royal Flame Weapons are Mad King-ified Royal Ascalonian Weapons.But Mad King Thorn... was king of KRYTA! (dun Dun DUN!) So the question is: which unfortunate weaponsmith did ole MKT kidnap from Ascalon to fashion these warm weapons? Not bashing the design, they're neat. I just also think the regionally appropriate Krytan weapons would have looked ~~cool ~~ hot with the flames effects.
  5. The "in combat" functionality of the new Poison Master needs tweaking. Currently, the buff then poison do not trigger if you initialize combat with a beast skill.Primal Cry will trigger it because it is a multihit move, so you get put in combat before the end of the skill. The other Soulbeast F3s and most pet Beast skills do not trigger Poison Master if used to enter combat.It's an edge case but annoying. I suggest removing the in-combat modifier as the proc is tied to pet and SB cooldowns.
  6. Suggestion: Make collection achievements for every armor and weapon set. This would add some more core AP of varying difficulties and could be a small gold sink.I would also suggest "Weapon Enthusiast" collections for collecting all of (x weapon) in core Tyria.
  7. Clarifying here: P/D 3 got buffed a patch or two ago to flip over to Repeater when it connects. This Repeater buff brings it in line with Sw/D's Flanking Strike->Larcenous Strike 4/2 initiative use.
  8. It looks like you're good for future Power Soulbeast action. If you want to switch it up at some point and try condi, give this guy a look. Vampiric SoulbeastThis is high on the "don't die" side of things but it has a decent amount of wiggle room depending on how much damage you want and how tanky you need to be.The core of the build is Windborne Notes + Oakheart Salve, poison application + Predator's Cunning, and stacking lifesteal effects. As long as you have a balance of Power, Healing Power, and Condi damage; the rest is up to personal preference.I ran this build in Apothecary's for a good
  9. So... you want the Pets' F2 skills available when you merge? Or as an effect when you merge? Sounds like just another reason to camp Beastmode to me.
  10. @Chomsky.4971 do you have an example where the rune(s) and/or functionality mentioned don't work? I just went in and tested Ogre, Privateer (parrot), and Lich (jagged horror) runes in PvE. They all worked as I expected. Summons spawned properly when entering combat and staying in combat; both merged and unmerged. Merging with my actual pet had no effect on the rune summons, they stayed up until their timers ran out and summoned again on cooldown. The only summon that I tested that disappeared on merge was Hyena's F2 ally. While annoying, this matches the behaviour it's had for years. The hyena
  11. UmbraNoctis is correct for basically everything he's mentioned. I too have pondered a heal SB. I might play around with it with my legendary armor but unfortunately it's just not built for that sort of support.My idea looks more like this:http://gw2skills.net/editor/?vNEQNBHhF6kHRoXQsjXwXFgoFsgJYNLrBQAIP2Wb7tOLuGXG4kYfzDA-jByGQB56UAcT9AQVJIH2fYpK/AwTAIoqoMJ1LIFAnDjA-e Like you, I went with Runes of Dwayna to maximize Regen effectiveness. (an actual "bug" in the build editor is it doesn't calculate % effectiveness). The regen ticks of this build should tick for 337 HP per sec unmerged.I went o
  12. Cool stuff. For clarification: it sounds like this is for all (non-chair) mounts in PvE as well? No more dismount climbing over tricky terrain?
  13. Heyo guys. The project lives! While my GW2 activity is slowing a bit, I'll still be theorycrafting and maintaining my Rune Build Archive. If you check in and see something not workable after a patch or if a build moves, let me know and I'll give it an update. We're at literally half of the runes with builds. Let's go. Is anyone running Rune of the Cavalier in WvW now? Neat. In PvE, you're overcapped on bleed (thus the name?). You can swap out a ring and the accessories for Sinister to get just a little bit more damage but it's a minor optimization. In PvP, the overcap would counteract opponen
  14. I actually have a build that uses/will use these in a big way, but it's on DE. Will Malicious Sneak Attack get the bleed buff as well? If not, it's straight weaker than the base version until 4-5 malice. Is the +100% stats effect a buff to everyone or just to the Warrior (as it is now)? It sounds like tactics condi banner is on its way out either way.
  15. I love how much work the rune is doing in there. It's like a key that unlocks the build's potential or a rug that ties the room together. So good.
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