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  1. i thought looking at the icon would be much easier than finding your green pet in all the cluster
  2. it is basically an AoE which you can constantly drag it while casting it while being invuln. you can not avoid it by walking out like other aoe skills, you are forced to blow CDs, even tho rev already has shiro to make all other skills easy to land they need to make it non crit like mug
  3. needs nerf asap how anet let it go for so long dodge damage needs to be shaved by at least 50% it could be fine like bound and reckless dodge which are hard to aim it does so much damage and lock on enemy way too easily why can it moves WASD freely with super speed like that during jump...
  4. whats funny is that now they are going to make every single trait and utility adrenaline gen may as well actually fix adrenaline system.
  5. because ranger are just thieves in jungles and assassin animals yea?
  6. you know what i always wanted? remove CC from full counter, give damage back better for eveyone, more fun for player, because more damage more fun for enemy because it's less annoying CC spam.
  7. wild blow is doing the designed damage tbh if wild blow gets a small leap with a bigger radius, power zerker might be viable
  8. Not gonna lie, it's crazy when i was placed rank 11 before the last day, with 500 games+ soloq. only 1 night, i get pushed to rank 25 by 10+ people appearing overnight with minimum games played, who i've never see once in a match, even tho i have 500+ games in prime time and weekend. almost choked myself laughing when i saw the leaderboard monday, compared to when i logged off sunday. it seems like people still do care very much about rating and title, unlike the words they put out. almost shed a tear for our beloved game, cheers.
  9. All good, thank you for clearing up the confusion 🙌
  10. What makes you think I don't back my opinion after multiple builds with every single trait line, different combinations, different set of utilities, except BsW because BsW is garbage. i've played with at least 2~3 variants of spear build for each elite spec(except BsW) and core, my opinions are general and do not apply to a single instance(build) and i don't associate myself to a single build or elite spec, try not to self-project here. and i don't see how devaluing whatever spear build i'm running with other spear builds disapproves any of my point? but you do sound like you got me somehow, if i did not misunderstand your intention. also bringing up spear BsW is like saying warrior has high skill floor because i run throw bolas, kick and off hand mace, let's keep the discussion of skill floor and skill ceiling within a pool of realistically functional builds.
  11. also spear count as melee weapon that benefit from warrior's sprint yea, i played my gunflame 4 signet sunless build but with spear, it's not one hit wonder, but it can still delete people and actually able to keep up the pressure from range and i was able to swap gs for staff, because spear function in all range unlike rifle that basically get kitten in melee, and core burst is good too. definitely a more functional glass canon, that's not just a one hit. if you can combo 5 2 and burst together, you delete people way faster than gunflame with bigger radius too, i already did more multi deletion than on my rifle, due to no one-hit that just get dodged. multi hit and bigger radius really helped. it's better against people who can actually dodge gunflame/arc(render the entire build useless)
  12. dam you updated it super fast after our little meet up😂
  13. all the hate only because it is actually the first time warrior actually receive something that has high entry demand, high skill floor. so most people will suck at it without knowing it's potential. and never think it's their own problem, due to warrior generally just getting low skill floor low skill ceiling weapon that boost low skill player confident way too much dunning kruger effect going full force right now in the forum.
  14. sorry if spear takes skill to use, it can easily A tier warrior build, not S but easily A. somehow after 3 days still non of the naysays DM'ed me in game yet. i usually take kitten about warrior weapons all the time(post history), but this time, really is simply a gitgud problem when warrior finally gets some weapon with high skill floor and skill ceiling. it's not the weapon, it's you, this time, for real. not saying this is the perfect weapon, but definitely the one of the better ones
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