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  1. did you actually test or you just feel like, i gain 2 flow ICB, with or without signet of rage, on golem without using any skill
  2. you can jump over shield bash as well🙂
  3. yea all the veteran from the first glance of the stream knows it's garbage, while all the casual screams big damage.
  4. nah, i played cata, hammer is 3x more fluid then any bladesworn skills, weapon is 3x less buggy. and u still have normal attunement and can easily ignore f5 skill and play like core and beat bladesworn because bladesworn removes more then half of warrior, you can not even choose to play like core if you wanted to, while half of bladesworn skill doesnt work. and ele has nothing locks you in place for 5 second doing nothing for 5k damage and can be avoided by WASD or jumped over. and has no random long pre-cast and after-cast on instant skills or 1/4 second skills, that makes the skill feels lik
  5. does ele hammer take 5+ seconds to gain energy and another 5 second charge time and make you immobile and doing nothing to do 5k damage? also you can at least switch off hammer🤧blade sworn take away of half+ of warrior by force and you have no choice with minimum build making.
  6. doesnt really matter, anet isnt giving that, i know war by heart and there's a guide line for war in anet, it is never ever getting aegis on weapon swap, if war gets that in the current stage of game, i delete my account. making saber 4 into evade is 10 times more realistic.
  7. did you play bladesworn tho? because there's nothing fun and flow into each other with that spec. skills disappear, never hit anyone doing WASD, can be jumped over, stuck yourself in walls, send yourself in air for potential fall damage, animation are weird and buggy, some times same animation repeat itself. and the movement skill doesnt flow and buggy. skills are awkward af to use and the entire gunsaber base skill are boring and look weird.
  8. because the classes arent beta stage at all..it's alpha.. like if it is actually fun to play, underpower would be fine..like warrior/mesmer is actually fun to play even tho underpowered.. but..bladesworn....clunky af, i don't even care about the numbers..the skills are buggy..disappear..never hit anything..movement skills are clunky af, stuck yourself in walls and send yourself to the sky, animation are buggy all over the place, unfinished and doesnt look good...gameplay is clunky af as well..
  9. i never meant 5s duration to begin with, but 5s swap aegis, like doesnt matter, it's 5s duration or every 5s aegis. anet is not giving that.
  10. doesnt need stealth, look at rev, perfectly fine roamer, look at mesmer, non meta cuz thief, but strong roamer in matches without thief, or soulbeast, non meta but strong in soloq. roamer means mobility, chase ability, fast and reliable burst damage without the need of long set up.
  11. lol, warrior has always lacked easy reliable fast damage after anet took away damage sigil from pvp. unseen sword is perfect, it isnt much, but it is something and is a start and it is fun and is actually unique new way for warrior to deal damage, unless you just want another side noder that plays like all three other warrior spec. and they will never give 5 second aegis for warrior. be more realistic, alright.
  12. shout heal in pvp is completely garbage and butchered, may as well not exist if you not using healing power. less cc, less sustain, less mobility, less lockdown then spellbreaker as far as i see from stream.
  13. how do you even instagib ppl when you need to be in combat to gain adrenaline. as sense less as having your friend stealth you to land level 3 axe f1
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