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  1. I apologize to y'all for not answering sooner, but I had gotten super sick -yay walking pneumonia- and haven't been on. I will be adding you all in a moment, thanks for understanding! - Fae
  2. @Kaylant.8714 @Aegle.5807 @chorkpop.1360 @peterekke.3159 and @Jaye.3051 you all have pending invites to FENX, welcome!
  3. I apologize for the delay guys, as IceCold says we all have been out. I myself was in a car wreak last week, and i am still recovering while dealing with insurance companies. I apologize for the delat again, but happy gaming! -Fae
  4. @vermouth.3478 @Axellex.4390 @Bloodjoker.9820 You all have pending invites to fenx, WELCOME!
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