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  1. Hi everyone! We're a PvX guild looking for new members who usually play around Asian timezone (GMT+4 to +8) since most of our members are from South East Asia (SEA). We usually play around GMT+7 20:00. We do fractals, guild missions, PvP and raids (though most of us are really new to raids). We have a level 15 guild hall (Windswept Haven). We also have a discord channel with where our members can interact :) We use voice chat a lot for communication, and it's encouraged to join and listen to the instructions given. You don't have to speak if you don't want to! Our goal is to build a community
  2. You sound like an interesting fellow ? Here's my pitch: My tiny guild (~15 people) is called Heroes of Lost Time [HOLT] and we don't have a lot of active members. The people who we do have are mostly casual players, and mostly newbies. We have a level 19 guild hall (Gilded Hollow) which I'm furiously upgrading mostly by myself, for benefits like levelling up scribing (which is a useless craft for anything but making guild decorations). What do you get out of joining us? Well, perhaps a place to lurk and maybe join in on conversation every once in a while. And the use of the guild enhancements
  3. The map design! Every map is breathtaking, especially at night. Elona at night is especially gorgeous
  4. Update: We are not currently recruiting new members! We've gotten a huge amount of interest and we think it's a good number of us for now ^^
  5. Hi there! If a small, casual guild is what you're looking for, Heroes of Lost Time (HOLT) may be what you're looking for!We're a tiny guild that wants to keep numbers low (~20 ppl max) and build a friendly community that does whatever activities together. We've got a new member who is also a new player like yourself, and he's enjoying it immensely. If you might be interested, here's a link to the main forum post! https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/70198/eu-heroes-of-lost-time-holt-is-recruiting-casual-pvx#latest
  6. @waterGate.6137 Sorry for the late reply! No, NA and EU players can't play together. Hmm, I don't think the ping is affected by the server population, it's dependent on your location in the world. NA servers are in America, EU servers are in Europe, so whichever you are further from, the ping is higher. When I was in SG, I found that the NA ping was higher than the EU ping, but that could also be the time of day that I was playing. I admit, I'm not entirely sure how ping works. If you remain in EU, we'll be happy to have you :) We can all do the HoT-PoF-LS episodes together, if you want the
  7. Hi there!Nope, you don't have to be in the same server to join the guild.I am the Singaporean player in the guild lmao. Ping is an average of 200-300. I should warn you though, the guild is highly inactive. I have another guild that you can join if you're interested, the link to that forum post is here: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/70198/eu-heroes-of-lost-time-is-recruiting/p1?new=1
  8. Hi there!My guild is quite small, but we have quite a bit of experience and we are a close knit community. We do whatever content pleases us, but we do it together and have lots of chatting and fun :) No voice requirements, we're happy to just use the in game messaging system! If you think we might be what you're looking for, check out Heroes of Lost Time here at our main forum post: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/70198/eu-heroes-of-lost-time-is-recruiting/p1?new=1
  9. Hi there!If you're interested in a small, family sized guild that does everything together with no judgement of skill level, my guild Heroes of Lost Time (HOLT) may be for you! We do whatever content catches our attention (mostly PvE), but we mostly enjoy chatting in-game and having that close community aspect :) If you think we might be a fit, check out our main forum post: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/70198/eu-heroes-of-lost-time-is-recruiting/p1?new=1
  10. Hello! If you're still looking for a guild, you can check out my family-sized guild, Heroes of Lost Time (HOLT)! We are really tiny at the moment, but we just have fun chatting in-game and doing dailies and whatever else that we find fun :) Link to the forum post here: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/70198/eu-heroes-of-lost-time-is-recruiting/p1?new=1
  11. Hi all!Heroes of Lost Time (HOLT) is looking for more members! We're a very small guild and we plan to keep it that way (~20 people max), so if a small friendly community is what you're looking for, then we're the right fit for you! There's no specific content that we focus on, but we do tackle the dailies together (get that easy 2g right?) and do guild missions as and when there are enough people online. We do mostly PvE, some of us enjoy PvP, and if anyone likes to do fractals or dungeons, we can do those together too :) We don't have any skill or level requirements - we just want to build a
  12. Just an update in general as well - we're currently very inactive and hardly anyone is online. But if you would still like to join and get the community going again then you're more then welcome to let me know and I'll add you!
  13. @Norvie.7234 Heya, I haven't been checking forums for a while, sorry about that! I'm not sure who has messaged me in-game in the past month, but if you are still interested and would like more information on the guild, add me on discord at Safyre#3918 and I'll tell you a bit more!
  14. @CaptainUsta.6847 Message me on Discord at Safyre#3918 and I'll tell you more about the guild!
  15. @splatcat.1972 @AugustusVSRome.7356 Hey there, thanks for your interest! :) Send me a message on discord at shadowdove#3918, and I'll talk it over with you guys!
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