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  1. At the hills of bay sir canis, we shall meet again one day.You are dearly missed.-- Rias
  2. At a T2 or T3 tower/keep when inner walls are breached the quartermaster should automatically say "Calling Reinforcements" and pull the emergency wp (which does not count against the player ability to pull said emergency wp).
  3. Finally got my Guild Wars 2 under Lutris/WINE back up and running.Fit of desperation/aggravation -- i deleted all my environment variables and started over. My settings Lutris/WINE -wiseLutris WINE Runner Option: ge-3.6-x8664Wine Config Libraries: d3dx9* (24-43 are in my overrides list)Environment Variables: GL_SYNC_TO_BLANK 0, __GL_LOG_MAX_ANISO 0, GL_THREADED_OPTIMIZATIONS 0, __GL_YIELD NOTHING, __GL_FSAA_MODE 0(I tried the GL_THREADED_OPTIMIZATIONS at 1 but lost FPS) Depending on the map - (low population 60-70, 80 spikes occassionally), moderate population (40-50), wvw type map (high 20
  4. I believe i do have it set to do that, within its own desktop virtual window -- not much luck there for me though. I also tried setting the username/password via command line-execution but still see the evil blank Guild Wars 2 login (no form elements whatsoever). Even updated the NVIDIA driver. Won't lie, im kinda PO'd....i finally got Lutris-Guild Wars2 running (stable) at over 40fps in WvW with very good graphics. Not been my week.
  5. I am working through this stuff and seeing if I get any better performance. I do for some reason get around 65fps on the character select screen now but I am not getting more than 20fps in game with medium-ish settings. Even "best performance" doesn't change it that much so far. I have not worked through everything here outside that I am currently using Playonlinux and not wine from cli. per your last point, How do I set the cpu in performance mode with this model laptop if you know. Is it a variable to set in OS? I am running Opensuse Tumbleweed by the way not sure if I said that someplace. A
  6. I believe i do have it set to do that, within its own desktop virtual window -- not much luck there for me though.
  7. hey all -- strange issue i encountered on my Linux Mint 18.3, Ryzen 7 (3200Mhz, 3.6 overclock). I updated to the latest Ryzen bios (version G) and -- while possibly unrelated -- i can no longer see a login screen for Guild Wars. Literally a blank image background with no form elements at all (buttons, form elements, etc). Very strange. Anyone ever encounter something like this before ?
  8. My setup right now is a Linux Mint 18 box, running Ryzen 7 1700 (overclocked mildly to 3.6 with 3200 memory). I am running Guild Wars 2 through Lutris --- thought i would try that out instead of PlayOnLinux.i tried both the pba-2.21 and pba-3.3 versions. In PvE content, i did not have as large a FPS rate as i did with the staging-2.0 (although now staging-2.0 is suspect to time-outs and crashes for me). I did not test pba-3-3 in WvW yet. I did test pba-2.21 and did see very good results in WvW. Though my fps hovered around 20-30, i did not experience any extreme lag in very large zerg
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