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  1. I support the idea. Our German community doesn’t have a “manager” or anyone at all since 2017. And it’s tiresome. I’m still surprised, that they didn’t close the German forum … except the one for translation errors.
  2. My Charr ladies keep asking me, where their skirt from the new Queensdale Academy Outfit is. Asura women—the self-proclaimed master race—have them. So, dear ANet, where is the outfit’s skirt on Charr females? :angry:
  3. I keep telling them for years to update/fix the Standard models, but they won’t do anything.And don’t forget, that Transformation tonics overwrite the Standard models! So, running around as an Asura or Kodan is also a thing in WvW.
  4. ANet never learn, do they? They should never combine an event (chain) with a collection. It has and will always be bugged.And weren’t bugs like this the reason, they stopped the legendary collections (for a while) and weren’t sure, if they ever continue the legendary weapons?
  5. Then: Part of the community: “No more T5 in EU, please! The population is dying already.“Now: The server technicians: “No more T5 in EU, please! Our servers are dying already.”Let’s see, if ANet listens to one of them. :grimace:
  6. Five tiers for EU again? :disappointed: Just … why? WvW is already dying.
  7. Come on, ANet! First we get an only 5 piece armour set and now the Bear’s armour only has 4 pieces—missing gloves and shoulders.You do remember, that an armour set always contains 6 pieces (well, actually 7 (breathing apparatus))? Or did you forget this by making all those outfits?
  8. @Fueki.4753 said:Arenanet, can you please stop forgetting about Underwater weapons?:+1:
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