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  1. I think the benchmark on snowcrow is still a work in progress. Yea as Dadnir said. SC has to redo the benchmarks for every build in the game so they nuked all the old ones and are adding the new ones in as they get done. There will be a Condi SB build, they just haven’t gotten to it yet.
  2. Yea, see above. Protect Me was the standard way of dealing with Sloth mechanic for Druid. Sure we don’t have Stab for it like Guard or Mech, but every Druid I raider with used Protect Me for this mechanic and it worked fine.
  3. Potentially. But I think a more realistic explanation is: “One Wolf Pack is making power builds too strong and we don’t want them to be an option”. Seeing how their past slew of balance patches have continuously gutted power damage across the board.
  4. This is an idea I also lean toward agreeing with. When elite specs were first announced the intent was to provide additional play styles and roles for specs that weren’t able to do certain things (example, Ranger not having good support / healing) and that they weren’t intended to completely overpower the base class. Obviously that’s not the case anymore, with base classes basically being non existent now outside of PvP and WvW (and even then, it’s majority elite specs). I think the biggest crux of this issue is that when Anet added “trade offs” for the elite specs, none of the trade offs
  5. Sorry late on reply but yea, FB virtues are longer CD and you cannot access the base Guardian Virtues anymore because they are replaced with something else. Really the end goal of a trade off that Anet is trying to implement is that you literally can’t do something that the base class can’t. Another distinct example is Engineer specs losing their Elite utility skill in place of either the Scrapper Gyro or Holosmith Holo mode. It just highlights that some trade offs are better / less costly than others which has been a major criticism for some classes such as Guardian and Engineer. It
  6. Personally hoping for Anet seeing how well the Mechanist is doing (I’m mostly looking at a PvE perspective) and do some type of pet rework / rebalance for Ranger. A common complaint is how useless pets feel for many players, while Mechanist pet can single handedly carry Engineers at time.
  7. You can swap to Essence of Speed to help in personal boon uptime, but none of them have any significant dps increase if you’re using sword
  8. Sounds like your misunderstanding the reason for removing pet swap. Intent for elite specs is that you have some kind of trade off for taking an elite compared to playing the base class. This is to prevent the elite spec from being just a Base Class Plus, where it can do everything the base class does plus more. Soulbeast lost pet swap because otherwise it would just be base Ranger but even better with access to two pets on top of two different Beastmode forms. *Not* to dumb the spec down so more people can play it like you’re implying. Same thing can apply to Druid. Yes the 20%
  9. PvE (raids, fractals, strikes) you only do the AA chain
  10. Can also look at the Base Ranger build on the website MetaBattle (a website for various GW2 builds). https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Ranger_-_Basic_Ranger The build assumes you’re already at level 80, but provides a good on idea on what stuff you’d want to prioritize unlocking early on. The main idea for the build is prioritizing your strike / direct damaging abilities (condition damage build such as bleeding / burning / poison are weaker in the base game / below level 80 because many of the inanimate objects in events and quests do not have conditions applied to them and can
  11. The one I had in mind was this one https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Soulbeast_-_Condi_Shortbow_DPS This is the one optimized for dps in raids. There’s tons of minor stuff you can change though to make it more flexible for the open world like I described, but the general idea for the build stays the same.
  12. Assuming you’re looking at PvE, Condi Soulbeast (basically what you posted) is a very LI build, even when played at an optimal / high level build. Glanced over that link you posted and it’s basically what he said. Viper / Trailblazer / Celestial gear You can camp 1 shortbow. Use 2 and 4 off cooldown. Use 5 for CC / breakbar Utilities are Vulture Stance, Sharpening Stone, and basically a utility of your choice (a trap, a spirit, Dolyak Stance for stun break / stability, Sic’ Em, Signet of the Wild for passive dps increase, etc). Elite is One Wolf Pack. Skirmishing 1-3-2
  13. If you need 5 utilities to maintain alacrity that would be absolute kitten to play. Ranger alacrity would go back to being something that only Druid can provide and we won’t be allowed to take any other utility. Would basically be useless compared to all other alacrity sources which don’t have to invest every utility slot into filling that role.
  14. (Didn’t say it but yea I was primarily thinking in regards to PvE). Yea I kinda agree that SB might be losing too much in exchange for spirits. Untamed maybe? It’s still Untamed so I have my doubts unless they get significant changes in that patch. I can see base Ranger actually working. CRanger was a very solid build when HoT came out and I can actually see them replacing BM with NM to take them. We still have some utility like pets CC, white Tiger aegis, and siege turtle bubble, not much else in terms of other boons though and we’d be sacrificing Iboga for more utility pets.
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