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  1. can you bring back the inquest exo-suit in gemstore please ? is for my holosmith asura i have already enough gem for himhttps://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/9/99/Inquest_Exo-Suit_Outfit.jpg
  2. by your comment which version tengu would be good as tonic combats ? classic version we see in lion arch and forest caledon or heart of thorn version which one is the best ?
  3. you can post and give any thought or idea for the tengu combats tonic gather to any folks who love tengu same as me we need show we want that tonic tengu soon enough.
  4. for the tengu combats tonic i request that not only my self but for people and folks like me who was waiting to play as tengu for 6 year almost today is was time to think the wait must end.
  5. tengu combats tonic will be fine and yes many people and folks have waiting for to long to many year we waiting for them..
  6. this is serious and i say that because we waiting for them almost 7 and 6 year to play they even not think add them as tonic combats.my request is at least they do that if is to hard add tengu as playable race i won't stop to ask this request until arenanet hear me.and add them as combats tonic are fine because under version of heart of thorn and classic tengu we see in lion arch and forest caledon they have all animation of combats and idle animation..
  7. one last time arenanet.add the tengu combats tonic for your next festive of the four wind you will make a lot and many people happy if you give us the chance to play them don't make us wait for another year.please i beg you give us the chance to play them even as tonic combats.
  8. feel free to add your thought i won't stop until arenanet hear us because we waiting to much of time and year to have the chance to play them as tonic combats or whatever. like i say again they should add the tengu tonic combats as reward for festives of te four wind that will be a good and interesting idea.
  9. i won't stop to hope arenanet. to have the chance play as tengu even in tonic combats you should put this as idea reward tonic combats for your incoming festives of the four wind that will be in the next months .
  10. i post that tropic because i say my self we wait for like 5 6 year to be enable to play tengu as tonic or wathever i like tengu so much and they deserve that tonic for at least play them as tonic for wait their project in that race.
  11. would be good idea the tonic combats tengu as one rewards of Festival of the Four Winds that come the next months
  12. perhaps yes.but we wait that moment for almost like many year. at least give us a tonic combats tengu for wait.
  13. I create this topic because I think it's time for something to do for the tengu we have waited almost so much and a lot of year to finally have the opportunity to play them whether in playable race or tonic I know you arenanet you read what is written in forums I beg you not to forget to make at least a tonic on them and I know you can do it.it is possible for you to create a tonic for them tengu seen that the elemental tonic of the olmakhan shares almost all the animation of the classical tengu seen in the forest caledon and in front of the door of the walls on the lion's arch. by doing this you would make a lot of people like me give them a chance to play them I show you a comparison links on tengu classic and tonic olmakhan you see you even have the same posture and animation this details could give it possibility that makes for us a tonic of combats on tengu. I implore you arenanet made us do this we have waited so long for this moments.https://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/a/a5/Swift_Arrow.jpghttps://wiki.guildwars2.com/images/b/b3/Endless_Olmakhan_Tonic_with_bow.jpgas you can see they almost have the same animation.
  14. tengu are a good choice especially the tengu was one of the race suggest to be playable on guild wars 2 but it is changing with charr at the beginning of gw2 as you have seen the tengu we had a change of texture and model since the expension heart of thorns.
  15. Of course i will be happy the see cantha expension but dont forget to add tengu as playable race that will be nice and perfect to see that.and i was wait so many year to see tengu playable race and i wish is come true.
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