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  1. @MysticalGoddess.8637 said:Hello I am a Brand new player, I know almost nothing about the game, I have been playing 3 days lol I was invited to a guild randomly yesterday so I accepted, but after 24hrs Not one soul has spoken in the chat, I would like to be a part of a more active Guild. Would I be required to do anything? I know nothing about the game so at the moment if like WvW or Dungeons are Required I should not join, I would love to Join in on things once I learn, but I don't want to be forced to if that makes sense, I have social anxiety so it takes me awhile to feel comfortable( better to be upfront lol). Anyway If you think I would be a great fit with your Guild I would love to give it a go, If my noobness, or issues are not a fit for the guild I understand lol Thanks for your time :DEDIT: IDK if this is needed But I am NA, I have no clue what world/server, or if that is even important lol

    I think you'd fit right in then! We're all a bit awkward but it ends up working out in the end! I'll go ahead and shoot you an invite :) We are glad you showed interest!

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