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  1. not sure if already mentioned, But for extra effort: Make everybody Q on the same class, since the matchmaker will try to avoid putting more than 2 of the same class on the same team 10/10 guide tho
  2. From what I've gathered from my personal social bubble, opinions towards 2v2 and 3v3 have been very mixed when directly compared to conquest.While I also have my personal preferences, opinions and reasoning, I'd like to get a broader picture on the general community stance?What do you prefer? And why?
  3. The 23% sevenshot nerf was nice.Decap scrapper and symbol guard - thankfully - getting deleted is also much appreciated. Holo "nerfs" were... "Meh" at best.Holo overall lost 6 mightstacks, which is nice I guess, but not even remotely good enough. The thief stealth duration nerf seems okay. For a "hotfix" patch, those changes are acceptable. Unfortunately powerlevels between different classes are still majorly fked tho, so while those changes are welcome, it's a far cry from "fixing the game mode". We need a dedicated balance patch at this point and not some band-aids.
  4. Actual quality post. 10/10, would lol again.
  5. Im pretty sure picking a damage-oriented traitline over SA is against ToS.
  6. Shit's broken, do something... ~Everybody
  7. If the "meta"-argument is the extend of your reasoning, than why bother having more than 4-5 classes with more than 4 traitlines each to begin with. And while we are at it, we can also get rid of 75% of the still existing amulets and runes.
  8. Just to clarify for the skeptics ( @Grimjack.8130 , @"Tycura.1982" ):Maybe I didnt point this out in my OP clearly enough, but the pool of choose-able prefixes would only include those, which already are in PvP.So no Cleric, Minstrel, Viper, Trailblazer or anything similarly broken. It would simply allow to mix and match between the ~15 (?) amulets we currently have in PvP.So any Expertise/Concentration Setup would already be impossible. This is also the Reason why I prefer a 40/30/30 allocation split over lets say a 50/25/25 or a 25/25/25/25 one, since that would prevent you from equal Power
  9. Very nice suggestion. Love the diversity it brings. With that said, there must be a maximum to each stat, so you can't put like 3000 points in condi damage. What that limit should be, or if it should be the same for each stat, I don't know. That wouldnt be possible anyway.It's not like you could allocate the 3k stat total completely freely.Its still bound by the maximum of the highest prefix-stat you use (maximum 1200, since thats the highest single stat you can get from current 3-stat amulets).Like the maximum you can get into one stat cant exceed the the highest stat of any single stat prefi
  10. With the removal of more and more "problematic" Amulets, I think the "amulet"-system for pvp is in dire need of an overhaul.Im not saying, that it necessarily failed, but the ever-shrinking pool of choices is alarming. Personally I am all for customization and being able to tailor gear to your build rather than the other way around. Interestingly enough, Anet has (at least in the context of my concept) already set the groundwork for it by equalizing the stat total of 3- and 4-stat amulet, and by removing most of the high toughness and vitality amulets. Anyway, here is my Idea for a new Stat-s
  11. No, because we were already tagged with "The Ranger Police", which is a lot funnier. Sort of like "Mirage Main Spotted" which was hilarious. Now if we could just get names for all of the other class mains, this would be a lot more fun than it already is.Personally I like "The Eleminati", with their hidden pro-ele agenda :)
  12. Ye, Its a system in place to prevent rating gain/loss exploitation, since a team doesn't lose rating for a loss if one of their members DC'd for more than 90 (?) seconds.Without this system people would just disconnect from a game when things looked sour to prevent rating loss for their team and themselves.
  13. Eles at PoF start?You and I have quite different experiences.
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