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  1. I've tried to login my character yesterday evening as I was wondering if my bug report has been processed. Once I launched the story again, I had the pleasant surprise to find my character at the same step in the story, and I just had to resume where I've left. To be honest, I don't know if this is because I used the /stuck command earlier, or if this is a normal behavior or even if this is a gift from ArenaNet's developers, but I was happy :) Thank you guys!
  2. I've tried the /stuck command, but I though it was supposed to be instant. Man, I wish I waited 15-30 seconds back then :/ Anyway, thank you for your help. I'll keep that in mind next time.
  3. During the chapter "The Only One", I've found myself stuck inside a platform after using Wings of Aurene. I can't jump out of the platform, cannot fall and kill myself, cannot reuse the skill to jump somewhere else because there is no line of sight. and the game is literally telling me that I'm game over. How is that even possible??? /resign or /gg do not work, and there is no waypoint that I could use to get myself out of this! 😡 This is just unbelievable! I understand that bugs can happen, but why not allowing commands such as /resign in stories??
  4. Hi, I've just got Vision after getting Aurora a while ago. I was wondering if it is still possible to display both trinkets effects at the same time, like I've seen on that two years old video: That doesn't work for me as whatever what I do it displays Vision. Is there a ticking box that I'm missing maybe? Thanks for your help!
  5. Same here. Also, I don't have any add-ons or overlays (not even Discord which I can't use). Adding -dx9 at startup worked for me. I just hope that my client won't crash this way when they'll force DX11 for everybody...
  6. Same here. I actually made a post there https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/topic/102260-server-down/?tab=comments#comment-1473671
  7. Were you all playing in Istan when that crashed? 😄
  8. Oh so that wasn't just me 😕 Thanks guys!
  9. Hello, I just had a crashed while playing in Istan and now I can't reconnect to the server: the client spins forever while clicking the login button. Are the servers down??
  10. So... Dear Arena Net team, are there any plans to enable that feature in a future release?
  11. If you encounter the same issue as I do, please support my suggestion request there, as reporting in-game seems to be the only way to get enough attention to get it fixed.
  12. Yes. But I believe using an ingame report window allows you to send much more information than a screenshot. When I was younger, I was working on a AAA game and our "report bug" window would also attach the result of a dxdiag to the ticket. That was very useful to debug. I don't use any addon. As I said, that was fixed ingame without me having to touch anything, with last week's patch. So i'm pretty sure that there is something there too...
  13. Hello, Could you enable the bug report feature for the characters selection screen, please?I've been struggling with broken model portraits in game and on the character selection screen for weeks now.I reported a bug on the forum, and reported bugs with a in-game capture for various modes (WvW, Living Story and Personal Story, EotN, etc.): all of them have been fixed by the developers within the last patch. All of them except for the character selection screen, a.k.a. the only place where it is impossible to report in-game, because I'm quoting the game client "You can only submit a game from i
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