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  1. Please make it so thieves give quickness instead of alacrity! Alacrity isn't really useful for thieves; I'm starting to not want to play the specialization!
  2. Please add pips to EotM and unnerf some of the WXP/karma changes (especially now that WvW awards no normal XP)! For such a good map (and a nice change of pace from the other maps), it's pretty dead.
  3. Is there a Canadian promotion on the way? Glad the Quiznos promotion awhile back worked in Canada, at least!
  4. Berserker or whatever's closest; so big power damage
  5. I also noticed that toys no longer die with one shot from the rifle. Maybe an unintended side effect of last year's balance changes or something else?
  6. Waiting on a 50% off sale on Additional Crafting Licenses like the sale from 2017 that I missed out on. They haven't been on sale for over 18 months!
  7. What's the difference? The difference between a degree of obligation and something you might find kind of nice? The owners of the game have said that existing accounts will not be compatible (for lack of a better term) with the steam version. The only way it "should" be otherwise is if the owners wanted it to be so.Eh, it's a pretty common use of "should"; I wouldn't read much into the semantics. One could also view the developers as having made the wrong decision. For example, official Old School RuneScape polls to decide the content in the game often phrased "Should X be changed?", allowin
  8. They'll probably be the same price. The game is free, so you would just be able to sign in like normal after downloading the game through Steam. What's the difference?
  9. Also probably best to allow it so the Steam review score of Gw2 doesn't tank, scaring away new players. Lots of people are going to give Guild Wars 2 negative reviews not only upon Steam release, but for a long time after, if they're not able to use their existing account. Best to avoid that. Most of the people I talked to in-game said they were looking forward to the Steam release, but they didn't read the part where existing accounts can't be used. They're gon' be mad!
  10. Among other less important community features: Ability to use Steam Wallet for Gem Store purchases, earn sellable Trading Cards and other rewards as effective rebates on all Gem Store purchases, more payment methods for Gem Store purchases, ability to sell items from other games for Steam Wallet to fund Gem Store purchases.
  11. inb4 the Commander breaks the cycle and makes sure new dragons never set foot in Tyria again
  12. You'll have to explain; it's definitely allowed to have games on Steam that require or allow you to create an account for another service to play. Unless it's a new policy developers have to abide by to get a game on Steam, as there are many new and old games (such as the original Guild Wars and MapleStory) that do not have the same thing. New games that need other accounts include titles published by Microsoft, Ubisoft, and EA.
  13. There will almost certainly be a LWS6 after the initial release of the expansion, and possibly a LWS7. If the expansion is successful enough (i.e. it and the following releases generate enough money), there will continue to be new releases (and therefore story content) in the future. If not enough money is generated, the end of LWS6 or LWS7 will probably mark (or herald) the end of the story, unless much smaller expansions/stories/releases are planned.
  14. Hey, if the community wants it, ArenaNet might change their mind and turn it around before the Steam release. We pay, we say!
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