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  1. Please increase the number of additional crafting licenses so characters can have all crafting disciplines active on one character! Each one is 800 gems, so I'd love to spend more money!
  2. Also the PvE-only buffs roll in WvW, meaning the buff chance is less in WvW because those rolls are wasted
  3. Yeah, that means you'd have to do 1,800 more Convergences (one per day for five years) unless you get incredibly lucky. They should add more sources for them.
  4. Killed Vespera at least once for every patch so far; no credit
  5. Will we know the materials required for Tier 2 when The Realm of Dreams launches, or not before Update 3?
  6. During the restructuring beta, no one played the Edge of the Mists map. Make the map worth playing again by adding pips or featuring it alongside Eternal Battlegrounds or as a borderland.
  7. Though I guess you can just turn on the achievement point filter
  8. If you add the "-provider Portal" launch option, you can use your existing account. If you buy the game again, you can use Steam purchases to gift items to your main. That's the best we have for now.
  9. With the non-Steam version it doesn't auto-login so there's one more click, especially since ArenaNet removed autologin options.
  10. Correct. It is intended that it's character-bound because completing it provides significant experience bonuses in the form of consumables. The idea is that every character can be levelled at the same speed by completing these achievements, rather than just your first character. Agreed that it's super annoying if you're already an existing player though
  11. Completing the adventure guide should hide it move it into a more hidden area of the Achievement tab of the Hero panel. The category takes up a lot of space for something you can only complete once per character.
  12. The achievements Completing Story Chapters I, II, and III in the Adventure Guide autocomplete if you're on a character that has already done them. Compelting Story Chapters IV doesn't autocomplete, so it's impossible to complete on characters that have already done it. It's a character-specific achievement, too, so it blocks progress.
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