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  1. Don't remove DBL, as a mainly PvE player I can go here to capture two camps for a daily to complete the Gift of Battle reward track because there is nobody there.
  2. No different than locking mastery points that I will never get behind stupid group only instanced content.
  3. The only option anyone here has is report and move on. There is nothing you can do about it and there are more than enough posts on the subject already that if Anet reads them they know all about it.
  4. I have been hearing from players that if you kill all three champs that spawn during the effigy fight prior to the effigy dying that you get a loot table bonus on the rewards received from the event. Is there any truth to this? If so does it also apply to getting 400% for the concert event as well? Or are these truly just optional tasks?
  5. Avenger of the dispossesed. from Flame and Frost or whatever Achiever title I am currently on.
  6. Tried it a couple times in the past, had no fun and will never go back.
  7. Pretty simple to just tag up and post your own LFG, if this many people are stuck it shouldn't take long to fill.
  8. I use compact immediately every single time after I hit deposit, this change is a god send
  9. Love this addition, one click deposit and compact is wonderful.
  10. After all these years I barely even notice it anymore, even when I did first notice it my only thought was, "Wow, that's weird."
  11. With all the kittening on the forums about it being missing I guess they are listening the the playerbase.
  12. Or continue to click sell junk at the vendor to sell off the five junks items you have and nothing needs to be done, seriously, how many different junk items do you accumulate between trips to a vendor area? At most after hours of play I might get 8 or 10 different types and almost all of those stack.
  13. Found the elitist, how would the game even know what "rotations" an individual player "should" be using. Fully disagree with this post as it is only trying to force people to play in what they think is the best way.
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