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  1. It depends on where the ranger is in relation to the target. Bow 2 can be evaded either by dodging or placing something between you and the bow with that build. The arrows do not pierce. Meaning you can put an object, NPC. tree., etc in between you and the ranger. Just try to line of sight his skill. The gs 2 has a lag time and easily identifiable mechanic and again can be dodged and or sidestepped. If the ranger can get the opener and your not paying attention your dead. If you keep aware of your surroundings you can put yourself in a more favorable place to survive and once the
  2. No its supposed to be designed to help balance the matchups. it has failed miserably. The only people happy are the ones that are part of the over stacked alliances currently rolling over everyone else in every match up. I havent seen 1 that is remotely close in numbers over multiple accounts.
  3. Alliances are going to be nothing but mega blob guilds. The design itself will mandate the larger guilds to stay competitive just as the Meta has changed constantly that mandates commanders to want specific build/geared/ players in discord mentality. As this match up shows you are going to have some serious issues with mega guild alliances running over the smaller alliances. It is only a matter of time before they figure out a way to manipulate the game matches utilizing alt guild/player accounts. As it is a good portion of the wvw population have already decided to sit out the event and are i
  4. Already is. My friends list on all accounts have nothing but wvw players and commanders. I can screen shot them. Nearly everyone of them except the stacked servers/ alliances are in a pve map right now. Usually its the other way around.
  5. You dont have to play wvw extensively. Just do the daily quests with the wvw reward buff from guild etc. Once you complete the dailies use the potions for the reward track. Dailies take maybe 15 minutes per day. You can also run around just to take camps and claim sentries just to help boost the points. You can also find a tag that is running around karma training towers to help speed up the process. You can also preplan by doing the daily quests and just banking the potions. I currently have a full bank tab on main account and each of the alt accounts have 4+ stacks
  6. except the matches are horrible unbalanced. I guess your on one of the stacked servers who are spawn camping.
  7. Easy fix, 40 cash to move. No gems. If they really want to have them cough up a card. Some will still transfer. Should make it more manageable
  8. taking a t3 tower/keep with defenders SHOULD take tactics to take. You shouldnt be able to bum rush any keep with 40 people and cap it in 2 minutes Another anet well thought out plan that favors the attackers and zerg groups who stack servers.
  9. so both HOD/SOR has full map trying to take our EBG keep with sbi for the last 3 hours!!! one tag defending with 11 people in TS and 15 in a squad AND FARMING BOTH SERVERS LIKE THEY ARE A BUFFET!!!!!!! the bags are REAL!!! jesus these guys going to be seriously farmed in t1 lol
  10. So with all the players moving to SOR and creating one hell of a imbalance, something needs to be done on reset. They have ticked almost 300 points constantly this entire match. With a warscore of 608430 they tick nearly every tick at 10k+. During reset SOR should be separated form HOD and dropped to t4 so you can actually see what their population is. Hod should be kept with DR and moved to t1. JQ might even will need to be paired to help them compensate for the amount of players they lost. Seriously Anet something needs to be done.
  11. basically you have HOD and SOR (which because of transfers has host population) plus devona's rest. So we have 2 host sized servers with a link fighting 2 servers that have no where NEAR the population and around the clock coverage. Once everyone made the move and anet realized they should have split the two servers immediately. We had groups of max 25 fighting all day yesterday against HOD/SOR map blobs of 80 on nearly every map. Our group had to port constantly to try and protect both EBG and our BL. As you can see we can only be in so many places while hod /sor have enough to be on every m
  12. Either anet needs to do relinks friday or start the alliiance system .. no one needs to spend one more cent on this game until anet gets their crap together.
  13. Relinks need to happen this friday and HOD and SOR needs to be split. They are ticking nearly 300 PPT points running on on OFF hours with full map zergs while the other servers barely have enough for half a squad. Anet should have stepped in before allowing this type of server stacking.
  14. So far it seems the amount of players being considered for alliances to be between 500-1000. I believe this will be a mistake to allow that many players into an alliance if you are trying to balance the match ups. As an example you can see that Mal once again has created a beast of an alliance ( read post Mag WVW). The alliance he created before decimated servers and destroyed communities and yet here he is yet again creating another beast and boasting. IMO if you set the amount of alliances to the amounts posted, It will not be difficult for guilds to make such alliances to guarantee 24 hou
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