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  1. Sorry if I misinterpreted you by the way. This is a recurring topic which has been bothering me lately, in more significant contexts than just a videogame. Lately this has made me quick to react. Indifference is such a common response, that it has led me to assumption, probably foolishly.
  2. I think the irony in this is that you could make a case for GW2 employing techno-orientalism (not that I really agree with what is usually a mistaken application of a concept rooted in the culture of 80's Japan).
  3. sPvP will never see dev time because the best case scenario in that situation is that people are exposed to a side of Anet's culture, which they don't want people to be aware of. sPvP is a containment zone for dirty laundry and that is why they leave it to rot.
  4. You're right, it was Archon. That was my mistake. You win since that's obviously what this entire exchange was about. Idk why it's so much to admit the mode is inherently confusing compared to others. Oh well. Have a nice day.
  5. This has just devolved into pedantry and gotcha. Last thing I'm going to bother saying. One was obviously an emotional statement, the other is clearly not. Feel free to interpret them however you desire, I no longer care. Radio silence other than sussus amogus, trolling, and calling out stonemist 1000 times. You can point out where I shoved words into your mouth, or you can just make vague statements and focus on a gotcha moment that does nothing to clarify anything for anyone. It will be an easy dub for you because there isn't going to be a response. You're right--I DID. It's like you're ignoring the entire reason I even brought it up and focusing on personal issues. Giving people a beginner starting point is not a bad thing. The natural segregation between fractal tiers is not a bad thing. These are by design.
  6. I knew you would be pedantic about the way I worded this instead of addressing literally anything else I said. IN FRONT OF your entire server, does that feel better for you? I have acknowledge over and over again that this is not a reflection of everyone who plays WvW. Can we not fixate on one hyperbolic detail please? This is what I mean about good faith.
  7. Picking and choosing teammates is the entire topic of the thread, so I don't see how that tracks. Obviously you can't manage your entire server like a fantasy football team. IDK what that has to do with just not being an kitten when people ask for help. When I ask for help in any other game mode it is given freely, even in PvP which has arguably more reasons to be toxic, and even less control over your teammates. It's less about letting "every little thing" bother you, and more about feeling like you aren't making any headway in the initial reward track of the mode. There is no natural onboarding of players, that's my entire point. Like you point out, fractals have low tiers, PvP has ranks, these things segregate players and give them a chance to figure things out at a normal pace. WvW throws you into a clusterkitten with no mount, and no natural progression for learning the game. OP is obviously rightfully confused. Is it fair of him to expect to be invited into every little group with open arms? No it's not, and private tags aren't "scum" for choosing to play that way. On the other hand, I don't feel like there is a very good faith attempt from you or Dawdle here to understand the perspective of a new WvW player. Having one group of elitists call you out in raid is a lot different than having literally your entire server clown you at once for asking a very normal question. If it's unfair of me to consider that kitten behavior, then I guess I'm unfair.
  8. I never blamed it on the community, you are misinterpreting what I said. The fault is with the game itself but you have a self perpetuating cycle that the community seems to pretend they play no part in. I replied directly to the confusion over players not showing up on time, and gave a valid reason for it. When I ask questions in fractal I get answers. When I ask basic questions in team chat I get memed on and kitten. Why would anyone continue to ask questions, rather than just trying to fall in with a group? "Separating the wheat from the chaff" is exactly what I'm talking about. There seems to be a direct dissonance between this philosophy and the actual results it produces, as opposed to the perceived results. You assume I make no effort to understand the game, while you know absolutely nothing about me or the way I play. You tell me to ask questions while openly knowing that map chat is full of kittens. Not even denying that it's blatant gatekeeping, you state it as an intended purpose. That is a problem. If, "don't be an kitten to people asking questions" feels like me micromanaging too hard, then maybe there is a deeper issue going on. These results are simply cause and effect at play. You can go ahead and point out the part where I demanded to be trained by the "ten year vets of WvW". Might have to twist the words a little bit. I didn't ask the community to point out everyone's little mistakes, it's just a difference that I'm calling attention to. A difference you were obviously already aware of, (convenient for me I guess?). I don't know why you assume this air of me demanding to be handed everything on a plate, when my only point is that being an kitten to new players doesn't make them want to learn anything. I don't think that is a very controversial idea. These differences are inherent, and baked into the modes; nobody needs to explain that to me. I was giving the perspective of what somebody new to the mode has to deal with, only because the first poster seemed clearly confused on why certain people were behaving in a certain way. There are friendly people in the mode, just like in the rest of the game but they are drowned out by massive clownery and jaded attitudes. Reading through these posts its not hard to understand why people are so snarky and bitter but I don't think its really doing any favors for anyone.
  9. Both Fractals and Raids have people advertising groups for new players constantly every day. I've been playing for a week and already have two guilds putting me in raid, and I didn't even actively seek them out. WvW has been the complete opposite experience. There is borderline zero communication in map outside of extremely late "come here" calls that nobody on foot would ever make it to, and people memeing about feet and nonsense. When you screw up a fractal, you will know; they will absolutely tell you that you messed up, in excruciating detail. WvW is radio silence outside of discord. Warclaw aoe has no impact on what I said about crossing the map without a squad. Your restructure comment confuses me, idk how it even relates to what we're talking about, outside of speculative forecasts on future player conduct. Pugs are a liability, while at the same time more players = instant win according to the forums. How do these two things reconcile? You can pretend like retention has no impact on your experience but that's obviously not true, based on the tone of your original post alone. It's obviously colored by a disdain for the average *clueless* WvW playerbase. You know what they say about when everyone you encounter is an kitten???
  10. Maybe they don't have their warclaw, don't have a squad to join, and are still trying to participate? Do you think the random player who joins WvW is going to stick around, while everyone is zipping past them in discord?? Of course they're going to be five minutes late if they have to leg the entire map to react to a non-proactive call. They probably legged those five minutes because it's the only whiff of content they've seen yet. Private squads are fine for what they are but public squads are completely dead, and there is zero onboarding for new players outside of discord. The average player is going to afk farm their GoB and then leave. Now you have people returning to the game and wasting slots of queue to afk farm because they gave up on the mode already. Those slots could have gone to an eleeet wvw player but instead they're being wasted, and it's not the fault of the afk.
  11. Probably has something to do with the devs promising this for years, until I stopped caring about the mode entirely. Consequently, that was the moment my server became active again. Oh well.
  12. They speedhack constantly, for years; Anet doesn't care. Name a hacker and you will get punished. Clearly something more is going on here because if a normal player used these hacks in such a blatant way, they would get punished. Everyone knows who the cheaters are, everyone has seen them do it, nothing happens. Something about that does not add up.
  13. I sat in front of the board for over an hour. This seems like a poor way to gate a mount. EDIT: I got it, so it's definitely possible. Idk why it took so long, maybe there's something about the timer I don't understand, or just rust gumming up the works.
  14. Let's be real, do you even need to ask?? ;) =)I would swap if it was more simple and on-demand
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