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  1. I quit playing fractals since they reworked instabilities. Sucks to pug fractals these days, people are still adjusting to the new weird fucking instability combos. It takes more time and effort now which is what made those chill relaxed people toxic i think :P
  2. I dont know about you guys but I am having a blast dueling with new players. IMO WvW needs updates like this once in a year.
  3. This sucks. I was killed by one today while roaming so i re spawned and changed my build to counter it, went to 1v1 him again and as soon he was about to die he ran away. :/ I am no pro so for me only way to beat them is to outnumber them. Later i switched back to my usual tools build (holo) and what do you know the same condi mesmer got me again, lol .
  4. There two types of "pug"ing in fractal t41)lfg " t4 daily n recs"2) lfg "t4 lf dps, druid.chrono"Now you will want to choose first one if you are worried about you not performing well or just want run your own build :P Second group you gotta carry your own weight or else expect to get kicked or flamed.
  5. Holosmith and medi lb/sw shield dragonhunter can counter mirage pretty well. I dont know about others 'cause these two are the only ones i play if i want to roam
  6. Where is that south Asia with 200ping in EU lol I wish I have that ping. Best ping I get was when I temporary moved to NA sever which I got 300 ping it was like in heaven for me after all those years playing with 400 ping average.. I moved back to EU sever after .. couldnt live without my comrades in EU. I manage a pvx guild in EU otherwise I would stay permanently in NA for better ping. :) That high?! :O You must be from South East Asia. I get 200 max on EU from South Asia (India) and 280-320ms on Na. I started playing on NA then moved to EU, the difference is very noticeable, lol.. I am a
  7. +1Playing from South Asia with 150-200ms ping on EU, those updrafts almost always slow me down and sometimes it just drops me dead.
  8. If you can't beat 'em, become 'em~QueenI made a power reaper just for pvp daily wins and ranked shard farm :P I cant play mirage, sometimes even I cant figure out which one is the real me
  9. Sometimes i jump into groups with my burst damage just to see how many of them i can down before dying. Its worth it :P
  10. Reaper is pretty strong now in pvp and fractals. I think reaper and power herald are in the same boat, 30kish dps in fractals and does crazy burst damage in spvp
  11. Almost every class you listed has one or more overpowered skills. Dodge it and if you are with the zerg you will have stability and heals so what are you worried about? L2P issue clearly. So many good players i faced have either blocked, dodged or stepped out of my aoe range :P whenever i cast it and then there are players who just eat up all my burst. :# :3
  12. Is there any old mmorpg that handles this many crowds of people without any lag ? >.> I play from South Asia on EU server with 150ms ping and used to spike to 2k or 3k in smc 3 way fights when i had a broadband connection. Few weeks ago i got fed up and starting using my phone's 4g network to play gw2 :P and voila no more lags/packet loss only lag is fps one because of my old rig. Its all bout our network route to anet servers and i feel like issue is on our side unless they make servers worldwide like DotA 2 for example
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