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  1. The Toy machine is kind of large so it was hard to get a good photo. Here is the best I could do (it is animated in that toys come down the blue slides) https://imgur.com/F4EnqD5.jpg
  2. Jumpin Jehosephat, Golly, Gosh, Gee Whillikers. There are no words to express my awe and admiration for that stunning and kind of overwhelming creation!! Amazing indeed!
  3. I do find it irritating to have to fight so many mobs while trying to gather berries. However, since the mobs at many of the bushes do not seem to be on a timer but, rather, spawn when players approach, I suspect this is intentional to slow down farming a bit so it is unlikely they will change it. One work around I use with some lower dps characters is to grab a bunch of ash legion spy kits from Plains of Ashford. You can pop these before you get on your mount or while mounted, dismount at the bushes, hit skill one and safely gather the berries and get back on your mount while invis
  4. I find that, often, if I play early in the morning I can get an instance to myself - which is much faster. If you are a good jumper, right after reset also seems good as many of the people playing are not really good at the puzzle so they tend to fall off, giving you less of a wait. Later in the evening the puzzle is mostly populated by more expert jumpers so the wait for them to finish tends to be longer.
  5. yup, the demon of a drifter was added the following year in the October 15, 2019 notes: "The Mad King's Raceway has been refurbished in the off-season and is now open! Two new races featuring the spry springer and nimble jackal have been added, and the returning Roll into Madness roller beetle track has been rebalanced with fewer gravestones, higher fences, and updated achievements, including a new achievement for completing the extreme challenge time! Show off your honed drifting to earn the new Ghostly Racing Scarf, or you can purchase one at a Halloween vendor—your trusty mounts will n
  6. I believe the change to 1 minute 30 seconds was for the mad drifter achievement.
  7. I am not sure what skills the rented beetle has and I can't check since I am fully leveled. You would definitely need the speed boost and maybe the drifting ability. I think you could get by without bond of vigor but it would be tough
  8. There is no doubt it is a pain but it is doable - did it on two accounts. But i think it took well over 100 tries each
  9. I always enjoy this festive - clock tower and beetle race are my favorites. I also want to echo something I saw in another thread and thank ANet for several QoL additions this year. (I noticed, for instance that the candy corn gunk that give stability during the Viscount fight is much easier to see and marked with blue circles. Been tons of fun so far
  10. Quite nice. I especially like what you did down at the waterline. Looks very lovely and natural
  11. I will admit I was not thrilled with the 9th birthday gift. But, on the other hand, I had expected the cape to be the 9th anniversary item and we got that for free from the TP today. Plus I only really like two of the dye colors anyway (the rest are just too washed out looking) so I got 50% of what I wanted there. And I use a lot of ports to friend and black lion statuettes. So, overall, I'm moderately pleased with the final results -not thrilling but pretty decent. Si, i for one am willing to say "thanks, ANet."
  12. on the positive side now I don't have to feel bad deleting and restarting some of my 9 year old characters
  13. Looking forward to the new guild hall and building in it. In the mean time here is my Ice castle in our present guild hall https://imgur.com/tQZhPXo.jpg The lower walls are not as straight as I would like but I am right at the max decoration for the area limit and don't dare remove something to make it straighter or the game may very well not let me replace it.
  14. I have been enjoying this event and would also like to see it left permanently. The one thing that does bother me a bit is that the instance limit is, if I am correct, 80 players in the instance. As I recall, when it was an open world event the limit was higher (120 hard cap?) which allowed lanes to more effectively use barricades, arrow carts, ballistas and golems as well as to defend them against the toxic and and molten mobs. I may, of course, be remembering wrongly. I would like to see more utilization of those available defenses.
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