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  1. Thank you all so much for the help, I really appreciate it! I'm so glad to be back with this wonderful community^^
  2. Thank you for the tip! And yes I'll need it for obsidians.
  3. Thank you, I just figured that things might have changed in 8 month! Apparently not so x3
  4. Thank you so much! I really appreciate the thorough answer and links!
  5. Hello! I am a returning player and have set my sights on crafting a legendary. As such I need lots of karma and am wondering what is currently the best way to farm it! Thank you and have a wonderful day today!
  6. Hello! I haven't played gw2 in a long while but am now returning and wondering which build is the best to go for in terms of solo play. I have researched and found so many that I am left confuzzled. I mainly want to do the living world and open world farm relatively relaxed and then perhaps some fractals. If you could point me towards the best build for my needs I'd be really thankful. Have a wonderful day today!
  7. ⇑this. OP @Kanimae.1735 , try both builds and see which plays more naturally (and more fun) for you. what you can do is create both an engineer and a warrior get both to level 2 and hop on the PvP lobby, from there you can set them both to the builds (you get insta-scaled to 80 in pvp and the pvp lobby) you mentioned and you can test the said builds on the dummy golems in the lobby. see how either plays for you and then decide. this goes for any builds the other have linked here as well. try them all out. this is one way to preview a class/build to see if it's a match for your playstyle Oh!!!!
  8. Hello! I'm newish and was prowling youtube for class builds. End of story is that I found so many appealing builds but now I can't decide.I'm mostly doing open world, story and living story.Which class/build is the most efficient (and preferably easiest!) at them?If you could link to a build with skills and things that'd be terrific. Also what do you think of these two builds? and I just want to have a good time getting 100% exploration and doing all the stories and living stories!!!
  9. https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/56863/black-lion-expedition-board-temporarily-disabled-purchase-suspended Yeah, I saw that. I posted my post 6 minutes before Gaile put up that notice thread :)
  10. Love the art style but yeah, I can't even tell what race it is. Looks like a human and asura had a child with a sylvari pitching in a few uh, seeds.
  11. I don't even see the contract in my Gem Store Upgrades section o___O
  12. Calling a speak weak without even having fully unlocked it is kind of quick on the draw don't you think? That's like saying a non-elite spec class is weak when you've only reached level 4 and don't have half your skills yet.
  13. What I want the most is to wear outfits alongside a different headpiece. Some outfits don't even come with a headpiece (Ancestral Outfit for example) and it's annoying because most of the head pieces suck and I have stopped buying outfits because of it x3
  14. Hi there, I'd love to give your guild a try :)I whispered all the names in the first post, but no one seemed online at the time so I went ahead and added you.Feel free to send me an invite whenever, I'm online a whole lot^^
  15. If you want to experience the storyin order then LS2 -> HoT -> LS3 -> PoF -> LS4 Pro Tip: Consider getting PoF and do the first personal story chapter for PoF first to get your raptor mount, this will speed up moving around insanely.
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