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  1. I main Engineer and will be sticking with it for the rest of GW2 life. It is the result of countless trials with the other professions during my time in GW2 Core and HoT era. The long term experience resulted in me concluding that my most fun is with the Engineer profession and its elite specs. While others are fine, the Engineer has been the one who kept me interested the most despite its long history of issues in GW2.
  2. I edited the comment above you before you commented. As I said, yes FF made it iconic to fantasy series but Gunblades have always existed in real life. They were just so horrible weapons they fell from being known to exists unless people look into the history of gunblades. The Fantasy setting just made it possible for people to make Gunblades viable weapons of choice since the imagination for magic and fantasy can replace the flaws of Gunblades designs.
  3. Why does everything Gunblade related always end up being related to Final Fantasy? Yes they made Gunblades iconic into Fantasy series but they are not the ones who invented the Gunblades. While there are fantasy elements in the Gunblades for the Bladesworn to make it functional and reasonable to the setting, the design is based on the real life gunblades.
  4. It is still going to be based on what new civilization way of advancing may have gone. Remember only Core tyria, Cantha, and Elona been affected the most from Elder Dragon's influence in current knowledge. If other civilizations beyond current known regions have been affected less than current regions then their method of advancing their civilization maybe more free than the ones we know since they may not have to adopt technology into their way of life or depend more on magic in their life due to lack of constant threat of the world ending beings called Elder Dragons. For example, a
  5. The concept of this class is more about GW2 world's Samurai adopting to the more modern era of Cantha due to their technology advancements. As the trailer said, with new technology in Cantha comes with new additions to the arsenal of weapons for the Warriors of Cantha. In this case, the warriors of Cantha who are skilled with Samurai style combat, added the GunSaber which allows them to still use their Samurai style sword skills while adding in a attached fire arm to the blade. It actually represented, in a way, how Samurai in Japan also added guns to their arsenal of weapons as well w
  6. You can try to explain that to a lot of people but a lot of them have this Fantasy Image of Samurai being only Katana wielding people when in real life Samurai has been known to wield spears, bows, and guns as well. Most of the time the katana was also a secondary weapon over being a primary weapon. The Tanegashima is a well known gun that Samurai started using when fire arms became inroduced to Japan.
  7. because their journey has ended. Every journey has its end and for Dragon's Watch, that journey ends once the Elder Dragon story ends. It is fitting that they may feel it is time for them to move on to their own personal things and personal life pursuits once the very goal they started adventuring with the commander has been achieved. However, they can always return in the new Storyline once in a while as a way to either bring them slowly back into the story as main characters again or just to cameo once in a while. There is no need to slap them into the new storyline suddenly when thei
  8. I do wonder when the Elder Dragon story ends, how will each character retire from being part of the new story Saga set after the Elder Dragon Saga if they all live. At this point my best guess they may use the conditions certain characters are going through as the reason. Aurene probably going to stay in Core Tyria region to help manage and rebuild the core regions, Elona, and Cantha now that the Elder Dragons are no longer threat to the world. Braham may retire due to side effects from when he was corrupted now showing so he may no long be able to fight long term. Thus retiring for a
  9. Ya there really was nothing really holding anyone back from entering Cantha since we entered the point in the world of GW2 technology in core regions began to rapidly advance ever since the events of Zhaitan Arc. It is a point old issues preventing people from traveling into regions outside of the core regions were no longer a issue due to the new technology invented and how society in core regions is going through the phase of being more fantasy to be more sci-fi fantasy. However, we also had no good reason to even attempt a journey to Cantha since the Commander and his/her allies are foc
  10. you really did not ever consider that Icebrood saga was going to be a rushed story to eliminate Jormag and maybe Primordus quickly without any full detailed philosophical plot? For me I never expect much about the Icebrood Saga and the reactions by a lot of the fans being greatly disappointed by the Icebrood Saga reveal showed a bit how many had low expectations for it. Only good story introduced, in my opinion, has always been during the expansion storylines since they are not limited to the restrictions of releasing within a set time period like living world story releases. Living st
  11. At this point, I think we should assume traveling into new regions maybe always Lion Arch from now on just like back in GW1 just to emphasize the place being the center of trade and travel I won't be surprised if future expansions end up being the same with their new regions beyond what we currently know about.
  12. As other has said EoD or the LW after will just be the end of the Elder Dragon Storyline and the beginning of a new storyline that no longer related to Elder Dragons. It is a good thing in my opinion because it gives the developers room to not try to tie almost everything in with something GW1 or Elder Dragon related. This also opens up maybe more creative freedom into designing new regions and what type of civilizations beyond the regions we currently have only known about since GW1. The world of GW2 is massive and we still have around maybe 80% to 70% of the planet left to explore tha
  13. It will be interesting if it ended up as both power and condition so that players can choose which path they want based on the traits chosen in the Elite Spec Tree
  14. I don't mind more Aurene since this maybe the end of the Elder Dragon Saga and beginning of a new storyline either after EoD or the Living World after EoD. We have seen the journey from the beginning and now it is time to see the journey to its end. Hopefully they don't go killing off people as their solution to retire the characters in the finale of the Elder Dragon Saga because that is rather lazy and unnecessary way to retire a character from a storyline. Characters can retire without dying and just move on with their life while the commander, our character, goes on a new journey aft
  15. I honestly will not be surprised if it is Mace weapon. Mace weapon for Engineer has been probably the most demanded weapon for Engineer since GW2 began. I do hope the next Engineer elite spec after this one, if GW2 creates more expansion after EoD to explore the locations beyond the current known regions we have known since GW1, to be Greatsword in the future. It will be a great opportunity to introduce a Tech Sword Elite Spec in a future expansion where Engineer can customize their Main Hand Weapon's functions to give their main hand new skills or adjust them to fit any build they
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