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  1. Wait. Tarnished Sage? Isn't that the training golem under Tarir? Does that thing even fight back? Or am I confusing that one with something else?
  2. Yes and no. You could say weaver only has control of which attunement it swaps to. After that, you're locked in. And which attunements make sense are likewise determined in part by previous choices. However, weaver also has cleanse access every which way. Polaric leap on a fire field? That's a cleanse. Rotate to fire? Rotate out of fire? You got a triple cleanse on fire 5 (if running focus). Water? Just dodge and you got a cleanse. Earth? There's a big cleanse on earth 4. Slap a cleansing sigil on and every one of those swaps can be a big condi clear on top of that (9s cd, natura
  3. That's a competitive patch. It applies to WvW/PvP only and was more about nerfing the ability to deal burst with CC skills. Power was not nerfed across the board. See my previous comments on the exposed debuff, which was largely responsible (along with some unnecessary buffing to scourge/renegade) for the PvE shift toward condi.
  4. I'm not sure where power got nerfed across the board. The exposed debuff certainly changed the fractal meta from all power to mostly condi, but that's also mainly due to firebrand, renegade, and scourge rather than an issue with conditions in general. The problem with the previous power meta is that there was simply no way any condi class (maybe firebrand?) could possibly compete with power in those short burn phases. I'll allow that tweaking the ratio may be appropriate, but I think the reasoning behind the change was sound. Consider that in Trailblazer I can cold ramp up to 30k
  5. I think it's just an issue of too much of everything. Skilled players often talk about counting dodges and cooldowns. In a game like WoW (back when I played it Vanilla-WotLK), that was a big deal because things like CC and stunbreaks were extremely limited. Baiting out that warlock's deathcoil and then going to town because you know a 3 second fear was on long cooldown and that's all they had left. But in GW2 we have dodges, we have aegis and stability, we have evades on weapon skills, barrier, everyone has healing and potentially passive defense stats on top of that. Whatever you want to
  6. Love your videos, but I do want to point out that runaway builds aren't exactly fun to play against either. It more comes down to the specifics of the design. Sword weaver could use better range and control. It doesn't have that, so you basically have to rely on opponents to make mistakes to land your burst. Even with high power burst this is true and its so easily exploited do you really blame anyone for tanking up and waiting for that moment to arrive?
  7. They can't even balance the boons they have. I don't think we need more.
  8. There's no one size fits all answer. I can tell you on my condi weaver trailblazer deals significantly more damage. But on that build on trailblazer my damage breakdown is typically as much as 90% condition damage. That's a lot of damage to make up for power, which just isn't supported in my build. A more hybrid setup with more contribution from power should see less of a disparity and celestial could even pull ahead. However, my feeling is that power requires more investment to see similar returns.
  9. Ah okay. I thought it might be that other hydra event that spawns in the area.
  10. This is probably my least-played map and I made that mistake the other day. Is the hydra actually part of the event or is that a separate event? If not, they should really do something about that. It shouldn't be pathing into this event where it is so disruptive.
  11. I don't think anyone's tried the "but it hasn't even been OP for a year yet..." defense before. Well played, sir. Only in GW2...
  12. All I am saying is if I could have GW2 but with way more content like WoW delivers, kitten yeah I would pay a subscription for that. But for various reasons that wouldn't work here, so I'm not suggesting it. Anyway, I can see this is too complex a concept for people. Minds are starting to blow. Time to move on. Have a nice thread!
  13. It also describes the type of content the player participates in. For example, you probably wouldn't call someone who logs in once a week to bang out raid and fractal CMs with a static group "casual". Just as you wouldn't call someone who spends most of their 5 hours of play time per day Rick rolling Divinity's Reach on a harp "hardcore".
  14. Or they just haven't gotten around to it yet. We're just here discussing it to help them identify a potential problem.
  15. Fortunately, ANet has a pretty good track record of killing farms when they either disrupt the flow of the map (e.g. centaur village, old school champ farm) or are so lucrative that a large portion of players start focusing on that farm to the exclusion of others (e.g. AB multimap, Istan). So hopefully we'll see some action on this at some point and if we're really lucky maybe they could update the VB night meta to make it more appealing.
  16. Relax, buddy. There's no need to panic. You didn't really think scourge was going to ride forever in its current state, did you? 🤣
  17. Honestly, at this point with the shitshow of balance they've made with firebrand, renegade, and scourge I think we could do worse than to aim to simply make classes that aren't completely faceroll a little OP for a change.
  18. I'm not convinced that's inherent to the subscription model and unlike GW2, WoW offers a variety of content to support game modes other than just solo PvE. That's the biggest downside to B2P/F2P. What do we get for PvP? Conquest, conquest, a little more conquest? Fractals? One every 1.5-2 years? Raids? Dead. Dungeons? Dead. Again, I'm not advocating to change GW2 to sub model. Like I said, it wouldn't work here. But somebody asked why you would want to pay and that's why. I played WoW for years and it consistently delivered way more content than GW2 ever has. If it were just me
  19. Gold can be converted to gems and used in lieu of cash. In addition, those players who are multiboxing revs paid for each account. They put down cash expecting a return in gold. The farm is disrupting the intended flow of the map. This is the same reasoning used to kill farms on many occasions before this. So, it's standing on potentially shaky ground and now people are talking about it. Anyone who is making a lot of gold from this (multiboxing or not) will likely take a dim view of killing the farm or even talking about killing the farm, but especially those who have put money into
  20. People do tend to get defensive when there's money on the line.
  21. I'd like fractals better if it felt like more classes added value to a group. I'd like it even more if we gave up on this non-trinity-but-sorta-trinity gameplay and just admitted that the experiment has failed. You want healers? Okay, fine. Then let's do it properly by updates to the UI and skill design to support targeted healing/buffing. No more of this stack-in-a-pile garbage driven by rabidly adhering to a failed design concept. We also require a means for players to control boss positioning/movement (i.e. tanking). Otherwise we're back to stacking in a pile, right? Ser
  22. I think the others covered it pretty well, but in case you haven't looked into it: This thread is all about condi sword weaver for open world. It's a popular pick because it has strong damage and excellent sustain. However, as others have noted it isn't the easiest to pick up and play. This build (or variants of it) also works well for WvW roaming, PvP, fractals, and strikes. It can be used for raiding, but you'll want to avoid using stats like trailblazer/celestial for that due to the toughness tanking mechanics. Here is my latest video in the thread, featuring an unedited seg
  23. I did elaborate on that for a few posts before you showed up, but at this point the discussion is long dead. Again, because of you. So, let's just lock this thread now, shall we, mods?
  24. You might want to check that graph again, chief. I don't think it means what you think it means.
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