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  1. About end of dragons: --: Cyberpunk setting and jade technology everywhere ---: No Kurzick, No Luxon +: Shing Jea was a nice start, but the ugly green tones are everywhere. And then in the middle of the map, something like a city with a 10 metres high jade-tech fence like a jade-tech jurassic park. 🙄 +: Kaineng was not so overloaded with jade technology as I thought by the trailer. Still find one/two nice areas. --: arborstone has a very nice cathedral ... and ... it is empty without the void 🤯. Was there something other nice? Right a wonderful junkyard 🤢 -: Jade Sea: My last ho
  2. I play untamed with 1 pet, always in untame pet mode and just hammer. Using traps and fervent force for cooldown reduction. Activating traps all the time, pushing F1, F2, F3 all the time and hit with hammer on reloading traps. So many aoe condi damage and interruption and easy to play ... it's like a facerolling elementalist 😜
  3. The new Cyberpunk-Trailer looks really great ... but what is about a new trailer of guild wars 2? Haven't found it yet. 😒
  4. That is a good mechanic, too. In this case, the ambus-pet skills must be a bit stronger.
  5. I always disliked the steam tanks, submarines, cyberpunk lasers and flashy lights, roboter golems, in-ear smartphones and this stuff. The new flying-laser ufo called a siege turtle is just terrible. And now it seems that there is a lot of this stuff in my favorite gw-continent. That feels really disappointing. 😞
  6. Can I just hatch my turle and leave it without some ugly pilot seat transforming it to an cyberpunk laser ufo?
  7. In unleashed Ranger mode: - forget about pet F-skills - F1 attack my target + archetype pet attack with disabling skill (daze, knock down, stun) - F2 ordinary pet F2 skill - F3 return to me + pet archetype support cry at Rangers position (stability, protection, quickness, resolution, resistance) In unleashed pet mode: - F1 venemous outburst + attack my target. On reload, just attack my target. - F2 just rending vines. - F3 enveloping haze + return to me. On reload just return to me.
  8. Yes, a bright frame around all skills for unleashed mode and a single (red?) frame around the first skill to show the ambush skill is ready
  9. I said in tha last beta, that the hammer skills should be mixed with an if-clause. All skills in the form of "If you hit disabled enemy then ... else disable/cc enemy"
  10. You can just switch to long bow, fire your barrage, switch to unleashed and fire your ambush ... The weapon switch has nothing to do with the small ambush time window
  11. Yeah, that is the point. Mixing Attack and a pet attack skill is easy, but the return key mixed with a pet attack skill is underwhelming. The best solution would be, that every pet gets a support skill in its set, so with F3 the pet would return and use the support skill. But we all know, that this is too much developing with all the different pets and that will never happens. Another idea could be: that a leashed pet with F3 come back and use a support or aoefield, that depends on its pet archetype: Stout (protection and barrier aoe), Deadly (increased expertise and poison field), Versat
  12. What do you thing about the pet control? Should it be like now? Should it be like the other e-specs and switch pet skills to F6/F7? Forget about additional skills and mix pet control and pet skills together? Or do you have other ideas? I would vote for mixing pet skills and pet control. But additionally I would F3 change to teleport to ranger and use projectile shield then. The disadvantage of mixing the control and pet skills is, that many pet skills on F3 would be attacks, that are not useful with a return-command. So maybe in this cases the pet should attack first and come back th
  13. My first impressions ++ Fast switching between the unleashed states feels so much better! Now I have more control in which state I want to be. + You also get strong effect by the traits. Healing for disabling is pretty cool with leashed hammer (for me it is the hammer trait). + The ambush skills are pretty cool. There are some bugs (interrupting hammer ambush with pusing 1 again, area-targeting with shortbow O.o?) Some skills are a bit dissapointing (small and slow leap on one-hand-sword), but they are really cool. - In unleashed pet mode there is no "beast-skill", so the p
  14. That is indeed a problem. But as I understand, the ambush skill will only appear after switching to unleashed mode and not while staying in this mode. So there is no accidentally activating of this skill.
  15. I think that is a really good idea. Fewer different skills, but better and changing with different pet(types) for different playstyles. I will dislike the F6, F7 for pet control. I use attack and come back often in a fight and then remembering which elite specialization I play and which keys I have to push. The I will prefer a changing leahes/unleashed pet F2 skill
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