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  1. Cumulative damage reduction for subsequent hits needs to gooooo... This is terrible, it feels terrible, remove it forever
  2. I have been testing Spear in PvE so my feedback will be 100% related to PvE. In terms of damage, Spear is a very balanced weapon. It currently benches at least 43.2kdmg (with good RNG), which is the same DPS as the current Pistol/Pistol benchmark. I would argue the weapon needs a few changes, however. - Devastator does not feel very impactful. It's a very slow ability, and I think it should be faster. The damage is alright, but the rotation heavily depends on fitting as many damaging skills as possible and Spear5 makes it harder to keep up the pace. - Conduit Surge is good, lowering the CD to 5 seconds instead of 6 would make things even smoother because it could be timed perfectly with Shrapnel Grenade. - Electric Artillery (the flip over) feels clunky to use and perhaps a bit slow too. - There's no indicator that can be tracked easily for the focused effect. It does not matter very much because it lasts 10 seconds but it's not ideal. The mechanic also feels a bit uninspired, most of the time it manifests as condition duration increases, but personally I don't mind. - I don't think it's fun that Electric Artillery can only stack up to 8 on a single target. Perhaps other skills should add a few stacks while Lightning Rod is active? What if every explosion added an extra stacks, with a 1s internal cooldown? That would be pretty interesting. Anyway, that's all for me. This weapon is a big win for PvE Holo, just needs some fine tuning!
  3. I'm surprised this ugly af vomit trail is still there after so many years of players complaining about it. I would legit enjoy the class more if Soulbeast didn't have this
  4. The weapon and the animations look amazing, but I share the same sentiment. For a class that has so many tools for support already, it really wasn't a priority to make another support weapon. We have Staff, Mace, Shield, and Hammer which serve as a boon, support and control weapons, not to mention the countless traits and skills we have with integrated healing and boon application. For a class that is also so power focused, and doesn't have extravagant mechanics outside of weapons (besides firebrand which is condi/support), it's a real shame how we have to cope with a selection of 5 power weapons, one of which being completely lackluster (offhand Sword). MH Sword and Focus are also barely viable, and realistically the only two weapons that any power build will run are Greatsword and Longbow. If they are too cautious with the power coefficients again, then this weapon will become extremely niche and it will only be used on support Firebrand, which honestly doesn't need any more care than it already has at all. Then again, it does look like it may have potential for power damage on top of support, with that big AoE skill.
  5. It's a minor request I know but currently, it's just a scaled-down version of the Greatsword symbol. It honestly looks ridiculous next to the new Symbol of Luminance we're getting in a few months Why doesn't the symbol look like the icon of the skill?
  6. Hello, this instability has not been fixed as of now. I am just refreshing this topic in the hope that it gets some visibility. Thanks
  7. The age old post that was already true in 2015, in 2017, in 2019, in 2020, in 2021... Oh? And it wasn't in 2022. Guess what happened? Reddit shitstorm!
  8. Oh, I absolutely want to see a Soulbeast nerf. This spec has been going under the radar for too long, and it happens to get free buffs here and there every time there's a patch. It is dominating in fractals, with nothing coming close to its burst, and sustained damage, and CC, on top of an already absurd self-boon uptime. I actually think fractal balance is a pretty big problem right now, which is completely disregarded. Here are a few examples of the direct or indirect buffs Soulbeast got this year, off the top of my head: - introduction of hammer - sword rework - damage coefficient increases across the board - an insane amount of free power on the sword trait, too - awesome synergy with both Firework and Dragonhunter Relic - and now a full pet rework, which not only buffs Soulbeast indirectly from the double pet bug abuse, but they went out of their way and hard buffed Devourer as well (perfect for precasting!) You can call this however you want, but nothing comes even close to the absurdity that is power Soulbeast right now. And let's not mention condi Soulbeast, which will also be overperforming after this update as well (it already is insanely good)
  9. Since EoD, Willbender received very few changes. The removal of stance overriding each other was a major one, but all it did was buff the damage builds really. It would be about time to look at this elite spec and actually give a small rework to the Alacrity build. The trait constraints are enormous on the Alacrity build, which is a build that has no niche anymore. Overall the spec suffers from essentially not having a dedicated weapon (off-hand Sword is catastrophically bad), no identity and I'll go as far as to say not even a single class mechanic either (unless CDR is considered to be a class mechanic - well, it wasn't deemed to be so on Untamed). You wouldn't even think to use the utilities considering how bad they all are. So, can Firebrand for once not be the main focus of the Guardian changelog ? Because it's been like this since a little over a year already.
  10. The Thief Pistol changes are cool, but it's not gonna change anything if you don't buff the burst damage on Malicious Sneak Attack and Repeater
  11. I don't think this bug is too high of a priority, but I hope to see a fix on the tuesday patch. It's the only thing blocking progression towards the meta-achievement, and sadly it is necessary to get it, which is a bit of a shame
  12. I'll add that the demon event east (Something the Covetous) also happens to stall sometimes (untargetable turrets on splits) which also blocks progression. In conclusion there isn't a single event that works properly on this island 🤣
  13. And that's not the only bug on this island. There are at least 3 events that can stall like this (the escort with the tengu NPC and the Covetous demon event)
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