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  1. MMO-Population is next to useless. You might as well ask a Magic 8 Ball. You'll get better results. I mean, come on. These people say Wildstar still has a population!
  2. mmo-population is about as useful as a Magic 8 Ball. Their "methodology" is laughable. I mean, they still think Wildstar has players! "Active subs," no. FF14 does not have 22 million people paying a sub. Account, yes. Not active. Where did you get these numbers from? Unless you're talking from peak times?
  3. Long hair please. No one ever really does long hair.
  4. I'd be okay with that. ESO does that. Subscribers get large bag slots and all slots unlocked, unlimited gathering tools, basically convenience items. And story chapters unlocked if they don't have them already. Since it would be completely optional and provides no P2W features, I am for it. Those who don't like it can simply choose not to do it.
  5. If I was good at playing with others, I wouldn't be spending my time in a video game, so goes the argument. I just don't want to see GW2 become another World of Warcraft where we are forced to play a certain way, channeled toward a certain content. So no, I don't want to see a "push" to get people playing together. Let it be optional, and let single players continue to be included in the reward structure.
  6. I'd be curious to hear ANet's reasoning behind not providing housing, given it is so popular in other games. Sure, not everyone would use housing. In the same way that not everyone Raids. And not everyone does glamour. But I think enough people would to justify the cost. Especially given the Shop potential.
  7. Why don't you just buy gems on a monthly basis? Bam, your optional sub.
  8. Oh my gosh, that is actually a really good idea! I never thought of that! I've always stayed away from the store because I didn't want to spend money. But yours is a really smashing idea! Now I just have to figure out how to make gold in this game...
  9. Will a new raid attract new players? No. Will a new Living Story? No. Will housing? Eh, probably not. Will it keep players? Ah, maybe. Will it make money for ANet? Sure. I can see the store aflush with stuff to stick in a house. Is it a resource that ANet wants to spend money on? Maybe. In the beginning, it will cost a lot. But once the infrastructure is there, continuing to support housing with new trinkets will be a whole lot cheaper than designing a new raid. No one is asking for housing to be the main selling point of Dragons. Just someth
  10. It's pretty high on my list. Different people have different interests.
  11. Easy part first. Yes to housing. Long overdue, greatly needed. Now, on to endgame, the bugagboo of Guild Wars 2. I know some feel it is collecting different skins, and some high-end fractals. But far too many people ask "What is the end game in Guild Wars 2?" I've always struggled with that. For me -- and this is just a personal opinion -- I'd like to see something to continually reach for. Not ever-increasing gear since that is evil to people here. But something to continue chasing. Almost like skill points, but one that just ke
  12. So any thought of finally adding housing in the next expac? Or is housing a dead issue that will never come to GW2?
  13. Maybe your spirit is out of whack with the universe.
  14. I am going to agree with the OP, even though he finds paragraphs to also be a high learning curve. lol /hug Professions still confuse me. Having to guess what mats to use... I shouldn't have to refer to an outside source to avoid frustration. SO MANY BUILDS! And if you pick the wrong build, forget getting into a group. Way too many stats. Could use some trimming. But of course I realize I am speaking for myself. There are a lot of people who like that stuff. I think it can end up chasing some away.
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