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  1. I'd like highlight a key word from this clarification post, we are removing the ACQUISITION of slumbering trinkets not the use of them. They can still be used in the existing recipe that upgrades it to the awakened version (for anyone impatient for the vendor) and they can still be used exactly as they are now (prior to July 13th) in multiple equipment templates on the same character. Slumbering trinkets are not being removed from the game, just being phased out because they were a work around to a larger task that we have now done the work for. They should not be the way of the future and
  2. No We understand your concern. Our team has put a lot of time into thinking about edge cases and put hundreds and hundreds of hours testing the auto-conversion process alone Introducing more slumbering trinkets (and then adding them all to the LA, because what good would they be if not, right?) would create unfairness for players who crafted the awakened version before now. Players who crafted it later would get an unlock for the slumbering version and also the awakened version when it was upgraded (similar to the Sunrise/Twilight/Eternity situation, because remov
  3. Hi all, Catmander Neko here, I’m the senior engineer who worked on the Legendary Armory. We’ve been keeping an eye on the discussion regarding the Legendary Armory since the blog post on Tuesday, and we wanted to respond to a few common questions. Slotted upgrades and infusions? Upgrades and infusions in equipped gear and equipment templates (aka your regular armory) will remain in place. For items in your bank, shared and regular inventory, infusions and upgrades will be popped out to your inventory. Slumbering Tri
  4. I don't see where the CS agent said that 😉 They just said they wouldn't be removed, not that they wouldn't be added. Rest assured, we considered current Eternity owners alongside future ones when developing the armory. Auto-converted Eternity's will grant a Sunrise and Twilight unlock in your legendary armory as well. Make no mistake, the edge case that is Eternity has been a nightmare to work around, but I believe we've got it pretty well handled. The Armory is a somewhat complex feature and some of the details (like this and other edge cases) were a little too nuanced to include in the blog
  5. This was not a bug. It had been purposly turned off at the request of previous members of the pvp team when elite specs were first introduced, so it was simple to turn it back on once I got the approval from the newer pvp team members. I've seen some questions about the LFG side of things in other threads and sadly LFG is not as simple, I did look into it. In a pvp match all the players are in the same map so we have access to their whole character, and pulling their specs out to check them is not difficult. LFG however is a tool that runs across maps so it certainly isn't going to hold onto e
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