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  1. I must have missed that in my read through of the notes. I was putting the best construction on things and thought it was a bug. An intentional change like this is far worse than a bug.
  2. The Mystic Salvage Kit icon is now identical to the Research Kit icon.
  3. I do think that in general having more dungeon participation is good for the game. Because it is the first group instanced content that new players are exposed to I think that anything that makes dungeons less 'dead' is good for the game. I could see some people thinking that a daily dungeon category could be harmful to the game's welfare by spreading people out even more. I agree that there is a lot of bloat, that is why I brought it up at a time when they will likely be consolidating 4 daily categories. Having a daily dungeon category also seems to be consistent with many of the other
  4. Anet is likely to make changes to the dailies soon. Champions, Drizzlewood, Bjora, and Grothmar will likely be combined into a daily IBS category. Should Anet add a daily dungeon category?
  5. Bell Choir Ensemble as a programmable guildhall decoration/gizmo. Guildies could compose a tune for their guildmates to play.
  6. I would love to see them give +1 commitment reward for completing either wood or bronze the previous week , +2 for silver/gold, +3 for platinum/mithril, and +4 for diamond. I think that this reward structure would encourage more people to give wvw a try. Legendary armor would still take 22 weeks, but the time commitment per week would drop considerably. It would also put the focus more on "what have you done in wvw lately" rather than how many wvw ranks have you attained. For those that normally max out diamond chest, not only will they be able to do so quicker but the repeatable diam
  7. From the notes section of the bottom of the "Spiritual Renewal" page. As is the case of other achievements, this collection can only be progressed by a character that has completed the pertaining story step which, for this collection, is One Charr, One Dragon, One Champion.
  8. I hope they take a hybrid approach. Lock the use of previously acquired mounts temporarily behind a mastery wall. This would allow for the joy of exploration when the content is new and then when the maps have been explored and the mastery wall has been met we could once again enjoy the convenience of mounts.
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