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  1. uh this is not gonna happen cause its a waste of resources from anets perspective. Think of why we won't get another raid wing for example; its too cost inefficient cause too small a number of the playerbase enjoys raids to justify development. That's why we are getting strikes in EoD as they are very cost efficient to make(single instance,1 boss, scaleable difficulty according to what they promised...). Personally I don't really care if they are called Strike Missions or Strike Assaults or whatever as long as the difficulty scaling of the content isn't completely unsatisfactory(which it proba
  2. Not only was this game never this easy before but its been getting progressively easier in my experience, in core game most people werent able to even clear fractals! i made 12 + legendaries duo-ing old fotm 50 and selling it for 25g a spot. 5man groups struggled to even clear in 2hours in 2013-2014. I think that core game was absurb because it was so hard for more casual people to access the content but at some point they need to stop with how much they are trivializing everything imo.
  3. Hello! I'm sry if im using quote incorrectly cuz im a bit of a forum noob, that being said everything you have typed is kinda insane but I'm gonna assume you are being serious and you aren't some sort of weird troll. First of all this is a random reset log with 2x scg https://gw2wingman.nevermindcreations.de/log/20220109-015927_drkai_kill in this kill which is 100% reproducable easily no other classes struggle with their dps uptime like fb or cslb, only ren needs to be melee at a part of the fight where he benefits from it so we just have him stay melee during split mechanic, everything y
  4. Hi! I pretty much agree with everything you said but I strongly doubt anet would revert exposed changes unfortunately, I just hope they change minor things like vengeance,npng etc so for example if a new/returning player wants to play catalyst or something in EoD then power groups are more accessible/viable for him to play on as he learns and improves on the content. Honestly if they just rework some instabs I know alot of ppl who would start pugging on power again.
  5. hi mr nepha cool post! I think that because this is a very casual mmo game it would be ok if there wasn't alot of class diversity as anet can't be expected to put alot of resources into balancing and there will always be something that's way too efficient to play for non-organized groups. For example before the may-apocalypse patch 4x fb + 1x ren cleared faster than any power comp in a NON-ORGANIZED setting unless u added a group of the best 20 fractal players in the game or whatever + it was good instabs. So I don't think the problem is that scg+fb+ren comp exists but rather that it is used f
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