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  1. 1. DPS boost on both variants of weaver so people can run it and not have to be full glass. It doesn't support well so it has to have high damage. Higher DPS would allow people to run marauder trinkets and then use Master's Fortitude which would minimize the glass factor for power weaver besides just relying on barriers from dual attacks. For condi weaver it just is a difficult rotation and is fully melee more or less so it should do more damage. 1b. DPS boost via less RNG on power tempest in boss fights, not just adding DPS on skills (lol scepter auto in fire). If it were able to reliably h
  2. If you want to play heal chrono in a 10 man squad there's recently been more about it:
  3. I have gotten a survey before on my account but because I don't open the email I use for GW2 all that often it expired by the time I went to fill it out. So I can definitely assure you they do get sent to people that play regularly and not just people uninterested they are trying to get back. If anything they should use the rollerbeetle survey technique where the survey person is ingame.
  4. Why would you stack condi staff mirages? There's no boon rip on the condi staff mirage build , neither is there much self healing or any quickness. The CC is there but it's only on chaos storm (staff 5) and the stun from signet of domination. It isn't an instant breakbar unlike Sanctuary on guardians or Staff 5 on revenants (Surge of the mists). The "decent dps" is going to be pretty terrible if confusion doesn't proc at all and merely a slower ramp okay DPS if it procs but not often. Inspiration isn't run on condi staff mirage and even if it was, it is not "aegis spam" because you need to use
  5. Unless you are running renegades in group play (which lose 33% crit chance after dodging) there really isn't much application of alacrity outside of converting chill. Superspeed on the other hand is rampant right now , more than alacrity ever was short of when WvW boon chrono was a thing a few years ago. The difference is superspeed is reapplied often and when it matters the most (when you are cleansing/healing/finishing or ressing). Superspeed is fine when applied sparingly (see herald/tempest) but when it is doled out in bulk with skills that already have quite strong effects (i.e. Purge
  6. If it's some fractals and some raids your main two options are healbrand (which you disqualified) and druid. Heal scrapper is still reliant on others for might and fury while tempest can replace druid but generally isn't run as a healer despite having better healing than druid. You won't really be able to kill anything on any true heal spec unless you run a hybrid build.
  7. 7.5/10 --- "worth playing" 3.5/5 ⭐ PvE: Due to the aesthetic chosen , it has remained relevant even if the engine is aging. Multithreading should be worked on due to performance problems, I've even seen people report frame drops from flashy backpacks. Combat fluidity doesn't involve popping potions or other such consumables. Level 80 is accessible and if you're too lazy to level alts you can either get tomes from PVP/WVW or just buy a level 80 boost. --- Living Story : I don't really replay these more than once or twice, but some people are really into it. As a business model episodes
  8. You can't really "just farm Orrian pearls" as it's limited per day per account, unlike Winterberries which are per character.
  9. Eh if anything flamethrower was buffed if gyros are stacked. The reason is without quickness from Kinetic Accelerators it doesn't do that much damage unless you facetank it. The 2.5 coefficient on Flame jet auto doesn't scale with weapon strength because it is a kit. On top of that it takes 2.25s+ to channel normally (2.57s for full auto animation per the wiki). A full hammer chain does about 2.1 coefficient in competitive modes and is generating vulnerability , with the disadvantage of lower range and inability to hit through things. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Flame_Jet
  10. Holosmith has big cleave in PVE with typically sufficient CC. If you want to be extremely lazy you can run PBM and just reach near maximum heat and drop photon forge or run PBM with a rifle and bomb kit with overheat, but it's nowhere near as effective as ECSU builds that drop in and out of forge as well as grenade kit. In PVP it has been a staple since its inception ; in WVW it can be used against anything that isn't a large group to great effect. In a group scenario right now scrapper is stronger due to quickness. Before holosmith my engineer didn't get nearly as much play as it c
  11. It's not officially supported on Windows and Linux uses Fossilize to prebuild shader cache. Other than that it is usable and still faster and more stable than d912pxy.
  12. The unbound magic ones have faster animation time , they will hold non-monetary value until something happens with animation standardization or if there's faster tools that come out. Also volatile magic can be obtained in Dragonfall or from converting eternal ice shards. Unless you farm a ton of winterberries you will be short on unbound magic. Since until legendary armory happens you can only have one set of legendary trinket (no WVW accessories yet) and backpieces from WvW are the only way to get more than 3 legendary backpieces, unbound tools have more non-monetary value because of the time
  13. Nerfed in what way? Not directly on the kit. The scrapper lost stability on Kinetic Stabilizers, that's about it (you can still get stability on Juggernaut).
  14. If you aren't using potions to hit crit cap with fury you're better off swapping some pieces of trinkets to assassin's or marauder's. For fresh air , it's to maximize overload air on power tempest. Before May 2021 patch discretize actually had water traitline instead of arcane too. see https://web.archive.org/web/20201229170713/https://discretize.eu/builds/elementalist/power-tempest
  15. The point is , hypothetical (more theory) vs actual. Do you know even last year when CERN (the research center working on large hadron collider) queried their CPUs in use, only 61.5% have the avx2 flag? https://indico.cern.ch/event/883512/contributions/3722989/attachments/1978627/3294056/20200130-WLCGOpsCoord-AVX2collection_jschovan.pdf https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/bin/view/LCG/WLCGOpsMinutes200130 Meanwhile you're proposing they implement it on a 9 year old game?
  16. That's the last thing we need to be honest. It should be that bringing powerful boons providing +20% or more efficiency to damage should come with a larger tradeoff. If a boon is powerful enough people need to build around it, which makes balance a nightmare. The reason why Condi RR and cQB are so strong is because you can't nerf condi RR /cQB wthout hitting their respective cDPS builds as well. The gain from Lasting Legacy needs to be more in order for them to do that (currently 15% with 5 stacks of Kalla's Fervor;; for some reason it affects strike damage as well). Right now cond
  17. What I wrote is not hypothetical, you're theorizing 10% per thread when that isn't the case as seen with those applications mentioned in the study which have far more financial resources at their disposal. Anyone that overclocks (Intel or AMD) knows you will hit lower clocks on AVX2 than SSE or AVX. In fact, Intel CPUs stuck on 14nm process are rather bad with this since if your cooling is stock or not water you will drop over 10% of your clocks. That's why we have AVX offsets. see https://www.techpowerup.com/review/intel-core-i9-9900k/18.html https://www.techpowerup.com/review/intel-core-i
  18. Infinite Unbound Magic Gathering Tools : because they're the fastest mining + logging tools Pair it with a consortium sickle or molten alliance sickle and you'll be set. If you're just after gold just use volatile magic tools.
  19. It's used on condi holo in instanced PVE and on variants of heal scrappers in WVW. The key thing to remember is you're mainly using kits , this was true both for condi engi and heal scrapper. https://lucky-noobs.com/builds/condition-holosmith https://lucky-noobs.com/builds/scrapper-heal https://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Holosmith_-_Condi_DPS https://snowcrows.com/builds/engineer/holosmith/condition-holosmith https://snowcrows.com/builds/engineer/scrapper/heal-quickness-scrapper I would expand on this further, but Pablo pretty much summed it all up and those sites should give you a decent p
  20. No I meant superspeed would need to be cut in half (minstrel scrapper near 100% boon duration). Superspeed on gyros should have been cut already in WvW.
  21. If it's 2017 you mean, it's pre-firebrand. Cleaving 5 people was still already among the best as holosmith didn't exist either and engineer was generally unused because gyros weren't changed then (that was 2019). If I remember correctly then it was boon chrono + herald dominance with a bit of aura tempest.
  22. What I mean is it is better for the economy since guardian is one of the most popular classes and a warhorn could shore up one of the main weaknesses (not enough mobility / swiftness unless you use "retreat") if it is similar to how it works on other classes , while shortbow could allow for a proper midrange condi damage or support weapon other than scepter. Offhand mace would probably be CC or something akin to that, so not that interesting. I'd be thoroughly surprised if it is pistol, dagger, or rifle (a 1200 range weapon).
  23. As a wiki editor I'm greatly offended by this. Many of us put in great efforts to keep it up to date (often pre-patch there's even a review of all the skills if there's a preview) and generally the API is also referenced for the damage, range, and other aspects of skills. In fact often times I see some editors more often on the wiki than ingame, so it's a time commitment they don't even need to provide. Given that none of the key grenade kit damage skills were changed this past week on the wiki I'm not sure what is "corrected". If a tooltip or skill is buggy therefore being incorrect
  24. Then every duration would need to be cut by half. Alacrity used to not be a boon after all (before 2018).
  25. Actually I distinctly remember the thread asking for staff to be changed in the fashion it is now because "it is a ranged weapon" for PvE purposes. I believe the title was something along the lines of "make staff usable in PVE". It wasn't changed because of WvW.
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