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  1. wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Lance Requires one hit. You're welcome.
  2. Yeh, a lot of ppl assume spy/trolling tactics they hate losing and wanna vent their frustration at anyone/anything. As much as I dislike tactics there is nothing more facepalm-worthy than seeing tactics not used (they're never going away, let's be real here, may as well use them) to at least attempt retaliation; scouts that have made the call out + are well within vicinity to use said tactics. Really common examples are invul wall/gates... you would think the scout would utilize them? Nope. Another fine one is improper usage of EWP. Soooo many times EWP gets pulled when enemy is already breaki
  3. It does looks like it, but does it really warrant all the complaining? I mean if you compare both they have their subtle differences and imho, the new reward track warclaw looks far better than the mangy outrider. You'll notice the outrider (viewed from side) is slightly thinner in the chin/neck, tail, legs, has different ears, and sports that weird perma-snarl + head fuzz as opposed to the new skin which is more rounded and imho (the head looks better proportionate to the body when viewed from the front) slightly more realistic. If I had to pick between the two, hands down the new skin. Idk w
  4. You never fail to amuse me, take my dang updoot lol. Also, lazarbeamz. Moar lazerbeams to everything plz. :trollface:
  5. You would take the mount for the extra dodges, health pool + immunity to CC. That's about it.
  6. We are planning to have another test this week. Will post with more details once we have them! Great to hear, I'll keep my schedule clear this time. Thanks for the response.
  7. This somehow slipped my plans, will there be another chance to acquire the title?
  8. We talking about the annoying you run in a direction press mount and your char snap turns opposite direction? that's gotta go.
  9. Guardian.Reason: easy to play core + elite specs in any game mode. always relevant in any meta/group/comp. many different builds per game mode. aegis rocks. heavy armor best skins.
  10. Borgs know's what's up. Honestly just bring condi guard or condi teef same old, dump it all on the stack and watch everything die. Ez pz.
  11. I love min/maxing - fully decked out in gear whenever possible. If I'm out of laurels I'll spend the tickets on WvW stat infusions - primarily bloodstone/mist trinkets as they allow for selectable stats whenever you want. For anyone that plays both PvP/WvW wanting asc trinks I recommend spending the PvP version for mist trinks (same with the Mist Capacitor PvP ONLY as its cheaper to reslect stats this way as opposed to spending memories of battle). Another reason was a while ago they mentioned WvW tickets probably having more uses later (skin/weapon set etc) on so may as well save them...
  12. This guy wants to bring back the oasis event from when DBL first launched... oml didn't we all love map-wide lag? :trollface:
  13. Whisper Boxing? I think that achievement is part of the story version and not the strike. The strike achievements all award small mastery chests. Oh wow, that completely skipped my mind. Looks like I'll have to re-do this story bit again, thanks!
  14. Cleared it last night after 7 tries with pugs and many ppl leaving in between wipes. I was solo druid heals with another FB, then we decided to get a third one in. Had roughly 25 secs left on timer managed to get it. Cleared it again today after solid 2.5 hrs... 2 downed state boss 1%.. its a miracle the downed managed to get the last dmg in. A shame I didn't get the achievement though (rimebreath and icicle attacks??). The strike difficulty is good; it genuinely requires paying attention to basic AoEs (albeit gets a bit of a cluster-f at 25%). The chains could do with a more visual queue, (ev
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