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  1. I feel like they should revert things back to the previous system. By now they have all their metrics/data on what needs to be done to correct things for the next beta. They probably had enough data after the first night. Prolonging this for the entire week is just souring the community at this point.
  2. Assigned Team: Stonefall Original home shard: Ehmry Bay WvW Guild selected: SMUG was 20 in Que...after 30 minutes it popped and when trying to enter it said it was full and put me back in 58
  3. I have to agree with the others. The change to Vanguard Tactics seems like a huge nerf for anyone that does PVP or WvW. We lost almost all sources of resistance. No way to stay engaged in fights as this class has no ways to avoid the cipples/immobs/chills. This was one of the few things that people liked with Willbender and I didn't expect it to be changed. Hopefully this can be brought back after the next Beta
  4. Crashed for me about 2 hours into it. Back to DX9 until the next patch..... i9 rtx 3090
  5. It's been like this for over a year and they have not fixed it. Stuck at 1/5 and reported multiple times throughout the year.
  6. not getting credit either , stuck at 1/5 after and have done them all
  7. The eternal ice home instance node is not available for purchase from the vendor in Joras keep
  8. i have not been able to figure this one out either
  9. some of us got the mail and didnt even get the items that were supposed to be in the mail....
  10. I received the in game mail but nothing was attached to it like it said there was. I submitted a ticket regarding this. I tried logging off but still no items received even tho i received an in game mail
  11. This topic is for those that got the in game mail but no items attached. If you have issues regarding the expansions, please create a new topic for discussion
  12. this is exactly what i got....the message but no items
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