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  1. Synergetics Hoverbike Skimmer Skin, pls https://d3b4yo2b5lbfy.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/d6bcdMTX_SynergeticsHoverbike.png
  2. It's fun service for publisher tho. )) Boy I missed Tera
  3. yes, fist couple of times, till slakers realize, they gotta do pres
  4. If Anet only cared, they would add a buff for 10-15 coins collected, 3 of those would give the right to participate in Pinata. Because for every player that collects coins there are 3-4 afk during coin collections events. But this is Arena.net we talking about they like to entourage slakers and leechers.
  5. yes, where is our pugmander? We waiting for it since PoF.
  6. Cos Orr fishing green starts on 750 fishing power. So you need 25 fish caught,food, lure, bite. Altho I wouldn't mind if that ascended fishing rod would give +50-75 fishing power
  7. For support I would recomend Superior Rune of the Rebirth
  8. Arborstone Incredibly Well Rested should give exp from all sources. Who on Earth needs pve only? If Arena wants people to show off their chairs to boost the sales it needs to be all sources.
  9. Do you realize, Conflux requires Mist Ring?
  10. Alright that Steam Elite pack is a steal for new players. People that complain about tools can be used only on one character basically wanna steal food from Arena's employins
  11. Can we get this things to go into material storage? It's used to craft several items. It can be refined like any other mats.Why it still sits in the inventory? I'm playing only on 4 characters and it's already irritating to go to bank, store this, to be able to refine on my artificer. Can't imagine people with dozen alts. Pretty please Arena.
  12. That is my English failed me again. No I'm suggesting skins with different colors that can be unlocked trough some collection/achievements etc.
  13. if you going for confluxes, get two mist 😉 there is also Rurrik's engagement ring for fast would cost you some coins tho.
  14. You guys and gals are missing the point. Not a die channel to color but skin. Like gen3 has. Maybe some collection to unlock skins but legendary skins. Not die colors, not cash shop skin.
  15. Hi. I'm trying to do Aetherblade Shenanigans achivments. I'm on the Escort the jade mech reinforcements to the perimeter camp (80) at North Peninsula. I did this 2 times all the down to tower, defence and mech recovery, there are no aetherblades only risen. What am I missing? Is this a bug or I'm doing something wrong?
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