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  1. If there is any guild avaible i would like to join, thanks.
  2. I'm an old Guild wars 1 player that come back now in guild wars 2.Like the idea of this guild.I will send a pm when anyone will be on.
  3. Please devs, i understand that Gw2 got bigger audience but Veterans need some core elements from the first and true Guild Wars.
  4. Returning player, let's give it a try.Can i get an invite?
  5. Hi all,i know is not the best option to play the game but at the moment is my only option.I got everything at minimum but happen that sometimes for example when i enter into the Groove,the loading screen come out but after remain blank, i can't alt+tab or crtl+alt+del as well.I need to shut my laptop and restart again. I got already the last drivers for the intel HD 4000 plus i clean everything with DisplayDriverUninstaller.My CPU is Intel i5-3317U.Thanks in advance.
  6. They said from beginning that this game will have NO MOUNTS!And now they are here....I'm a old GW1 player and i'm a bit dissapointed
  7. Hi, i would like to know where are the minigames in all the cities?I remember before the game camed out devs spoked about this features in all cities like divinities reach with bar browl, or ratasum with polymok....so sad that never happend
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